Automotive services can be highly competitive within a small community. When almost any car wash or oil change can provide the same service, you need to find something about your business that will prompt local consumers to patronize your location instead of the competitor. Although it may seem like an extra expense, an investment in a reliable advertising program can make the difference between struggling to pay your bills each month and seeing new customers come through your door every week.  The value of your business must be prominent in your potential customer’s mind at many points before they decide to use your business. If not, what keeps a consumer from using your competitor when it comes time for their oil change? IndoorMedia knows that being present in your customer’s community can lead to a boost in your business. That’s why Register Tapes Unlimited coupon advertisements are distributed at a prime location in your community to give you the exposure and recognition your business needs to boost profits and gain new customers.

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It's So Simple To Start Advertising

Identify Your Target Area

90% of your customers live within 3 miles of your location. We target the one place they all go to, the grocery store.

Create Your Ad

Our Graphics Department puts your brand and a compelling message together to create an ad that brings you customers.

Launch Your Campaign

Within a few weeks, your ads are running day and night in front of your most relevant audience.

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Customer Testimonial

We have used this grocery store for over 10 years now. These coupons have become a fixture in our community and are responsible for a very large car count each year. It creates a great ROI and we are happy to be renewing again.

Yury Gershfeld Ramon Canyon Car Wash

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IndoorMedia's Tried and True Formula
Over the years our Marketing Consultants have collected research on the offers that are most profitable for each industry we serve. They factor in the average ticket price for your business and then custom design an offer that will be appealing to your potential customers and profitable for your business. 
Automotive services are incredibly competitive within their communities. That's why IndoorMedia distributes your advertisement where your potential customers will see it. Consumers who live within a 3-5 mile radius of your local grocery store shop, work, and patronize businesses within this radius as well.
Throughout the course of a year, 800,000 impressions will be made on consumers who go to your local grocery store. We do this by handing a receipt with your advertisement on it to 20,000 customer each week. Additionally, each customer visits the store 1-2 times a week, providing unparalleled repetition.

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