How to Use Calls to Action for Quick, Engaging Advertising

Most small businesses don’t have the means to hire a social media manager, so it’s up to the owner to produce their company’s content. Managing a mix of social media accounts or email newsletters is a lot of work, and without the right message, you could end up wasting hours on content that gains little […]

How to Start a Restaurant Blog

person using laptop

If your restaurant has a website, you’re halfway to creating a blog. Blogging is an effective way to reach hungry consumers in your area and build an audience. By publishing helpful and relevant content, your restaurant can increase its local influence and reach new customers and regulars alike. Blogs are a great way to take […]

How to Build Your Nail Salon’s Menu

nail salon menu

When we say “Nail Salon Menu,” we’re talking about your salon’s list of services. Building a list is about providing information to your current and potential customers in a clear, accessible format so that they can make informed buying decisions. The right design will lure your customers in and give them an easy path from […]

How to Send Push Notifications From Your Dry Cleaning Business

push notification

If you think your business doesn’t need a website, then you’re wrong. One reason why large companies and chains steal customers away from local businesses is simply because they’ve built a brand too big to fail.  Clients accept the frustrations that come with trusting large, impersonal chains because it seems accessible, reliable, and legitimate. No […]

How to Build an Online Appointment Book For Your Salon

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Today, 35% of people prefer to book their appointments online. For people under 35, that number is even greater, with many refusing to book over the phone or in person. With so many consumers preferring to book service appointments virtually, online appointment booking software is necessary for businesses like hair and nail salons. Without a […]

How to Build the Best Legal Blog

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Today, legal blogging is a competitive world. Many law firms have turned to blogging to reach potential clients and keep their brand relevant during Covid-19. The pandemic may have limited how businesses pursue client outreach, but it’s also created a competitive content market online. While it may look easy, there’s actually a lot to running […]

How to Make a Hair or Nail Salon Coupon


This pandemic has led many salons to get creative with their advertising. That being said, even before this year of lockdowns and business closures, hair and nail salons have always had to find interesting ways to get a leg up on their competition. From highlighting their best work to curating a confident social media presence, […]

Does Your Dry Cleaning Business Need a Website?

dry cleaner

Today, building a website is about building your reputation. When customers are looking for a service provider like a dry cleaner or tailor, they will first search for local options. From there, they will peruse the online profiles of the businesses nearest to them and likely make their decision based on the information they find. […]

6 Tips to Grow Your Legal Firm Online

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Even before the pandemic, many businesses made the switch to digital marketing. When you’re starting out, it seems easy. Maybe you have a vision for what you want your website to look like or have hired someone to build it for you. From there, it’s a matter of learning SEO best practices and taking advantage […]

5 Customer Outreach Strategies for Dry Cleaners

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It might be 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be a little old fashioned. Online advertising and cyber solutions might help get customers in the door, but you’ll need tried-and-true human interaction to round out your customer outreach strategies for dry cleaners. The convenience of e-commerce and local listings have made many customers gruff, […]