Timing Your Marketing Strategy

timing your marketing strategy

Figuring out and implementing a strong, effective marketing strategy is rarely ever easy. It requires studying your customer base, working out a budget that works for your business, choosing which marketing channels to run your advertisements on, and then following through. Iteration is always a vital part of this process. Implement, test, study the results, […]

How to Create and Manage Marketing Materials

creating advertisments

So you’ve decided to start creating advertisements for your business. You’ve done all the research. You have a firm understanding of your customer persona. You know exactly what channels you’re going to leverage — maybe Yelp, Cartvertising, billboard advertising, and some Facebook ads. Now, the only thing you have to do is create, store, and manage […]

Why Physical Advertising is Still Important

physical advertising

It’s 2021, and the world is well into the digital age. The internet rules the world — people live on social media. For example, there are about 2.85 billion monthly active users on Facebook, which is a little more than a third of the world’s population. If you have an iPhone, you probably get a notification about […]

Why Truth in Advertising Matters

truth in advertising

Truth in advertising is of crucial importance. You’ve likely heard people talk about it before — it’s common sense. If a customer sees an ad that suggests your business has a special “half-off all food during happy hour” deal, and then they come to your restaurant and find that the deal only applies to french […]

How to Drive Business to Your Salon or Barbershop

drive business to your barbershop

Everybody needs haircuts, it’s a fact of life. Some people maintain standing weekly appointments with the same barber for decades; some people only go once every few months; some people do walk-ins whenever fancy strikes. Hair ends up on the shop floor regardless. In a study completed in May of 2020, there were an estimated 302,410 hairdressers, […]

Using Contests to Promote Your Business

promotional contest

It bears repeating: social media is essential for most modern businesses. Whether you’re a restaurant, a clothing boutique, or a barbershop, as long as you’re selling something that looks good in pictures, you need to be on Instagram, Facebook, or one of the other platforms, depending on your specific niche. Why? It all comes down […]

The Importance of Great Service for Small Businesses

customer service

No matter what your business does, excellent customer service is essential. If a plumber shows up to fix a leaky pipe, is rude the whole time, and leaves a big mess, are you going to call the same company next time or deal with their unprofessionalism again? Even if they’re slightly cheaper than a more service-oriented […]

Pandemic Lessons for Restaurant Owners

outdoor dining pandemic

The pandemic has been an extremely tumultuous time for just about everyone. Both individuals and businesses were hit hard. With most states having reopened to some extent, vaccination rates rising, and unemployment numbers far better than they were in the summer of 2020, things are looking up. That said, many restaurants are still struggling to […]

Creating a Dry Cleaning Marketing Plan From Scratch

creating a dry cleaning marketing plan

The dry cleaning business is both easy and difficult. If your business has been open for many years, you likely have a solid base of regular customers. They come in once a week to drop off their suits, and occasionally they bring items from other family members, too. Sometimes you get customers who come in every […]

How to Create a Restaurant Website

create restaurant website

You’ve finally done it: the restaurant you’ve been dreaming of for years is ready to open. Soon, customers will be sitting down and ordering your food. Drinks poured, laughter filling the dining room. Families enjoying a night out, friends catching up over happy hour drinks. You and your hardworking staff running around and making it […]