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Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

By Anna Ruby on 1/2/19 10:41 AM

What content has performed best for your blog? For us, content targeted toward our top categories of business has shown the best results.

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Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

By Anna Ruby on 12/5/18 10:35 AM


Facebook can be a great place to drive leads if you know what you're doing. Creating ad campaigns often requires years of expert knowledge, and generating leads through organic traffic can feel like pulling teeth. However, Facebook marketing doesn't have to be a mystery to the independent real estate agent. We're going to walk you through the steps of creating a Facebook presence so that you can drive leads and increase your sales. 

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Small Businesses Rejoice! Facebook Overhauls Reviews in Your Favor

By Anna Ruby on 9/6/18 4:50 PM

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve been traumatized by online customer reviews. Many consumer review websites offer no help when it comes to responding to complaints (seriously, making me pay to leave a comment is just bribery), while others even hide your well-earned reviews from the world. Experiences like these uphold the unspoken truth that review websites are designed solely for their own benefit rather than to help consumers or business owners.

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What are Google Local Services Ads?

By Anna Ruby on 4/20/18 8:03 AM

Google's Local Services Ads is a new form of paid advertising for local professional service providers that can help you establish trust with consumers, generate leads, and close sales. 

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Welcome to the "Digital Advertising 101" Series!

By Anna Ruby on 4/9/18 8:56 AM


Digital advertising has become a practically mandatory element of marketing. If you're like most small business owners (myself included), getting started with digital marketing can be overwhelming. You know that your business relies on the success of your online efforts, but finding easy to understand and effective tactics seems impossible. This article, and our series of posts about digital marketing, will guide you through actionable steps you can take to knock your digital marketing out of the park!

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Quick Guide to Creating a Website

By Anna Ruby on 4/5/18 8:45 AM

William has been thinking about establishing his company's presence online, and thinks that creating a website would be the best way to accomplish that. He's been daydreaming about a simple site with just a few pages that simply acts as a quick way to grab leads. Even though his idea is simple, getting started seems incredibly complicated. Is there any way for him to design a great website with no skills, limited time, and a tight budget? 

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Get Unstuck: Refresh Your Organic Social Media Strategy

By Anna Ruby on 4/2/18 8:28 AM

Steve tried all sorts of stuff to improve his company's social media growth, but he never got a ton of traction on his posts. He was constantly researching how to improve social media KPIs, and all he could find was POST MORE. At his best, Steve spent up to 6 hours a week writing and scheduling daily posts, and barely had time to monitor the accounts while doing his other responsibilities as business owner. The more Steve dreaded this part of his job, the more he realized he needed a new organic social media strategy.

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Online Reputation Management: How to Take Command of Your Brand

By Anna Ruby on 3/8/18 8:50 AM

Bill just wanted a fun night out with the guys. They decided to try a different restaurant to shake things up. However, the hamburger he received wasn't anything like what he gets at his usual place. The fries were too thick and it took what seemed an eternity for the food to be served.

Jill just wanted to open a neighborhood eatery. She prided herself on her new twist on a hamburger. Many of her friends had told her how much they love the thick-cut fries and the causal atmosphere helped people get out of the hustle and bustle.

So now, Bill has become the self appointed food police and logs into Yelp to express his disappointment. Jill wakes up after a long night, only to find her image maligned by a customer. Jill replies to Bill's comments to explain the concept and that he should try it with a new attitude. Bill takes it as a personal assault and gets his friends to post as well. Soon, Jill has a whole collection of negative comments and it is going downhill fast...

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Domain Registration: Basic Tips and Best Practices

By Anna Ruby on 3/1/18 8:15 AM

While you may not be familiar with the proper term “domain name” you use it daily whenever you visit a website or send an email. Simply put, a domain name is a unique web address. It is used most commonly as your website address, but can also be used to create a customized email address.

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Hey Google, come find my business!

By Anna Ruby on 2/26/18 8:10 AM

It is the grand opening of your new business and the most exciting day of your life! All day you wait for a flood of customers to walk through your door, but the day comes and goes with just a few mere passersby. “Where did I go wrong?” you ask.

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