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Do You Work "On" or "In" your Marketing?

By Eric Shafer on 8/16/18 2:03 PM

Michael Gerber is one of my favorite authors. In his E-Myth series, he explains that there are a number of "myths" about entrepreneurship. Foremost, is the idea that small businesses are started by people deciding to risk capital to make a profit. It is about someone "finding a need" and delivering a solution. It all sounds very calculated and wall-street-esque.

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Is print dead?

By Anna Ruby on 5/18/18 8:05 AM

Paul has spent the last 3 hours searching for "small business advertising" on Google. He's tried Facebook, Google AdWords, and even hosted a community event, but he's still in need of new customers. So, Paul texts his neighbor Quinn to see what advertising he's been doing since Quinn's pizza shop has been busy non-stop lately. Quinn texts back, "Direct mail and coupon advertising." "There's no way!", says Paul. "Print is dead. Nobody looks at that stuff!" Six months later, Quinn's pizza shop is still busy and Paul is still searching for new sales. 

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Insurance Agent Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 5/10/18 8:20 AM

Establish a Foundation of Trust

As an insurance agent, building familiarity with consumers well before they need your service is an integral part of making the final sale. An established foundation of trust can make all the difference when a person's policy expires or a life-changing event occurs and they're looking to buy from their friendly neighborhood agent. To lay this foundation, you need to put your business front and center of consumers' attention.

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Restaurant Advertising Tactics That Actually Work

By Anna Ruby on 4/26/18 8:35 AM

American restaurants collectively spent $6.4 billion on advertising according to research from 2013. With so much being spent on advertising we have to wonder, "How much of that $6.4 billion is spent on advertising tactics that actually work?"

Whether you're investing money or time, your restaurant should focus on tactics that are proven and profitable for your category of business. 

Let's review three types of restaurant advertising that have a great track record and are easy on the wallet.

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Salon Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 4/23/18 8:12 AM

Increase Sales for Your Hair or Nail Salon

Growing your client base requires more than just providing high-quality services. To bring in new clients, you've also got to market your business consistently in your local neighborhoods. To grow your client base and maximize your profits, invest in the proven and profitable technique of coupon advertising.

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Healthcare Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 3/30/18 8:12 AM

Show the Value of Your Practice

When people move to a new area or are looking for a second opinion, how do they choose their healthcare providers? Trusting a single person with your health can be scary, so patients want to feel a sense of trust and confidence in your abilities before they meet you in order to select you as their primary healthcare provider. Since the service quality of your practice cannot be gauged by a consumer until they become a patient, effective advertising that demonstrates the value of your services can make all the difference in growing your practice. 

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Dry Cleaner Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 3/26/18 8:23 AM

Be a Competitor in Your Market

The landscape for dry cleaning has drastically changed in the last 10 years. From business casual to "no-wrinkle" fabrics, consumer habits don't rely on dry cleaning as heavily as they used to. While you may not have control over what people wear to work, advertising is well within your control. Even in an overcrowded market, effective advertising can make your business stand out. 

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Legal/Attorney Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 3/22/18 8:23 AM

Build Your Legal Practice 

Nobody wants to hire a lawyer. But when important legal decisions need to be made, everyone wants the best lawyer. The decision making process can be long and tedious for consumers if they don't already know where to look and who to talk to. That's why branding your firm is so important. You need to establish value and trust with consumers before they're ready to buy, so that when the day comes for them to seek out legal help, you're the one they think of first. 

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Automotive Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 3/19/18 8:06 AM

Give Your Profits a Boost

Automotive services and car washes can be highly competitive within a small community. When almost any auto shop or car wash provides the same selection of services, you need to find something about your business that sets you apart from your competition. More importantly, you need to communicate this unique value to your prospective customers. To increase your profits, you need advertising that conveys your value and builds familiarity with the shoppers in your community. 

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Realtor Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 3/15/18 8:29 AM

Build Trust & Recognition

When buying, selling, or listing property, consumers look to a trusted adviser. It would be rare for a person to pick the very first realtor they saw to handle such a large transaction. Your business needs to build trust, familiarity, and recognition with consumers in order to turn them into clients. Who wouldn't want to buy, sell, or list their house with someone consumers feel they already know?

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