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Why Coupon Receipt Advertising Really Works
Target Local Shoppers Likely to Buy
Place your advertising in the same communities where your potential customers live, not zip codes away! Choose from over 9,000 available grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada to target ideal customers within a 3-5 mile radius.
Deliver Your Message Directly
Your coupon ad is placed directly into the hands of 20,000 shoppers weekly! This constant and direct exposure puts your business right in front of shoppers who are ready to buy and looking for a great, local deal.
Success by Association
Local grocery stores are seen as trusted, professional members of the community. Being featured in one the the most respected businesses in your neighborhood gives your business an implied endorsement.
Built-In Category Exclusivity
RTUI customers enjoy built-in category exclusivity. Meaning, we limit the number of same-category businesses that can advertise on the receipts at a specific grocery store. Lock out your competitors and ensure your coupon is the one local shoppers have in their hands!

Increase Your Reach with Digital Boost

Digital Boost pairs online banner ads with your in-store advertising to speed up and increase impressions and performance.

Put Your Message In The Hands of Local Shoppers

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Work with Amy Swan

With 27 years of sales experience and 7+ years in grocery store advertising, Amy Swan has become a local expert at choosing the best grocery stores and offers to choose for your business. Grocery Stores are at an all-time high in sales and traffic, so the time has never been better to market in your local grocery stores!



Grocery Stores Available

Vons, Albertsons, Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Stater Bros. Markets

Locations Served

San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles County

What Happy RTUI Customers Say

My average ticket is $13 (highest of all my stores) when people bring the coupon, which is $2.50 higher than my regular average ticket! For every $1 I spend, I'm getting $12 in return! The return on my investment is excellent. I've been with RTUI for 1 year and just renewed, I recommend this program to other businesses.
Baskin Robbins
Gary Yarbrough
Another franchisee recommended this program to me based on the good results he had with 2 of his locations. Right after I signed up, the pandemic hit and we were closed for a few months and then, the wild fires came. It's been pretty difficult but the Vons ads have been the "Light" at the end of this tunnel. Since re-opening from the fires a few weeks ago; we're seeing more & more coupons come in. In the last 2 weeks, 5 local residents told me they saw our Supermarket coupon, tried and loved our food & commented that they never knew we were located here. This ad let's local & visitors know that we're still OPEN for Take-out, Outside Dining and Dine-in (when available). During this time, that is Very Valuable. We've been with the program for 7 months and the return on our investment is excellent. We definitely would recommend RTUI to other businesses.
Country Kitchen
Leonard B.
We have been with you guys for years. The coupons represent 35% of our business! We receive 1000's of redemptions every year.
San Marcos Car Wash
Justin Shaddow