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Tried and True Strategies to Generate New Customers

Have other advertising methods felt risky? You put in time and money and hope for a positive ROI.  With IndoorMedia’s grocery store advertising, we use techniques proven to work over 30 years to generate new customers for your business.

Our unique solutions increase your profits by reducing the cost of print media while providing the same kind of hyper-local targeting as digital. What’s our secret weapon? Your local grocery store!

What’s our secret weapon? Your Local Grocery Store!

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What is your biggest advertising challenge?

IndoorMedia = Problem Solved

Brings in new customers, program works for us. We have been using our local Kroger register tapes for seven years and see a good return on our investment. We are interested in renewing our coupon program and recommend other businesses try this form of advertising.


Sonja Wilkin

Mid America Tire of Hillsboro

I’ve used Cartvertising for the last 3 years and it has given my agency great brand awareness in our community. I get multiple calls or emails from current and prospective clients that say they “went shopping with me today!” It is also a nice compliment to the other local advertising that I use and gives additional exposure for my agency.


Steve Kreis

Insurance Agency

It's the best form of advertising we use, we have a good return by seeing thirty coupons per week through our local Kroger register tapes. We have been on this coupon program for five years, we are interested in renewing our program and recommend other businesses try this form of advertising.


Tim Le

Exquisite Beauty Spa


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