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IndoorMedia: Tried and True Advertising Programs to​ GENERATE NEW CUSTOMERS

Have other advertising methods and marketing services felt risky? You put in time and money and hope for a positive ROI.  With IndoorMedia’s grocery store advertising, we use in-store ads and marketing service techniques proven to work over 30 years to generate new customers for your business.

Our unique in-store advertising solutions increase your profits by reducing the cost of print media while providing the same kind of hyper-local targeting as digital. What’s our secret weapon? Your local grocery store!

That’s right – by advertising in Grocery stores, IndoorMedia drives down costs while boosting ROI, all while harnessing the power of what might just be your most overlooked marketing asset.

How does IndoorMedia accomplish that for your company? We offer four unique, proven in-store ad solutions to build brand recognition, boost interest in your products or services, drive repeat sales to your door, and more. We deliver advertising/marketing services that perform, indoors, through innovative indoor media options.

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Advantages of Grocery Store Advertising:

  • low cost
  • easy setup
  • easy to track
  • highly experienced support
  • proven ad templates provided
  • highly targeted
  • high ROI

What Is IndoorMedia's secret weapon?


What is your biggest advertising challenge?

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“I need to drive new customers to my store.”

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“I need increased brand recognition in my community.”

Advertising Programs for Every Need

Register Tapes Unlimited™ literally places your ad in the hands of prospects 1-2 times every week through coupons on their grocery store receipts! Be one of only a few select businesses in your community that uses this effective, hyper-local advertising. What’s the one thing that every customer walks out of the grocery store carrying? A receipt.


Regardless of what they buy, how much they spend, what aisles they access in the store, or anything else, every customer will be handed a receipt at the cash register.


That’s important to note – most cashiers hand the receipt directly to the customer, rather than placing it in a bag, meaning that you have an instantaneous opportunity to market your business.



At IndoorMedia, we recognized the immense opportunities this presents for local business owners. We help you create compelling, eye-catching graphic designs and text that clearly communicates your value proposition and drives consumer action.

Cartvertising™ offers one of the most persistent methods of in-store advertising to build and promote your brand. With shopping cart advertising, you generate familiarity, recognition, and trust with community members all year long. Become a local celebrity, and dominate your market.

Whether you’re interested in building interest in your company, marketing a new product or service, or improving customer perception of your brand, Cartvertising is an innovative, compelling in-store ad solution.

We help you create and place compelling ads and then take advantage of the unique positioning possible with shopping carts. Bold, graphic displays prominently featured on the inside and outside of a front-mounted display can increase your marketing ROI substantially.

Shopping cart advertising communicates your message and gets it in front of your target audience and drives phone calls, website visits, or store foot traffic.

Strategic Print Solutions™ takes something you’re already paying for– your cash register receipts — and turns them into a powerful sales tool. Target your existing customer base to drive additional product sales, reinforce branding, or build customer loyalty through our custom-printed receipts.


Advertising in Grocery stores with receipts is a high-impact, high-ROI way to build interest and drive attention to what your company offers. Our marketing services help grocery stores take advantage of the real estate available on those receipts in innovative, forward-thinking ways.

Go beyond including the store name, phone number, and other identifiers – create a stronger connection with your brand.

With over 9,500 distribution points, RTU In-Store ads can tackle any size campaign, from hyper-local targeting to national coverage. Big brands receive unconventional results with all the benefits of digital advertising at a fraction of the cost.


We help you leverage modern technology and innovation, play to your strengths, and build your local audience. With our help, you can reach over 50 million shoppers via our network of 9,500 stores. With over 4 billion annual impressions and in-depth reporting, it’s never been easier to build a thriving brand in Texas and across the country with in-store ads and marketing service from IndoorMedia.


Call 888.475.0993 to find out if your industry is one of the 30+ industries IndoorMedia offers marketing services to.

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