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As the largest in-grocery store advertising company in the USA and Canada, we print and distribute highly targeted marketing tactics in the form of exposure and direct response advertising. By targeting your local grocery store our ads reach your potential customers that live, work, and shop where your business is located. This unique strategy drives unparalleled repetition and exposure so that your business drives sales and acquires new customers.


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90% of your customers live within 3 miles of your location. We target the one place they all go to, the grocery store.

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Our Graphics Department puts your brand and a compelling message together to create an ad that brings you customers.

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Within a few weeks, your ads are running day and night in front of your most relevant audience.

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This is the best advertising that we use and we think everyone should do the grocery store ads. It brings new customers and also brings back our regulars more often. I have renewed our ad for the third year and would recommend to other businesses that they use this program.

Martin Castro

El Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

As we set up another year of advertising I wanted to express my thanks for the smoothness of putting this piece of my marketing plan together. As always you and your team have been great to work with. I have been doing the cart advertising for at least ten years and find it to be a very valuable part of my overall marketing plan in this community. The success of this marketing will keep me coming back.

Peggy Worthington

Re-Max Alliance

Cartvertising has been a wonderful addition as one of our marketing tools. Many patients comment on seeing the doctor’s face on the cart. They love it! New patients see the ad and it prompts them to call, while existing patients are reminded to call for an appointment. We look forward to a continued relationship with Cartvertising and encourage others to do the same for great new patient results!

Dr. Art Laos

Volterra Dental

I have been advertising with Register Tapes Unlimited since 1993. During that time I have had four different laundry locations advertising on the back of the register tape coupons. They produce the best advertising results from all the different promotions that we have tried.

Chris Balestracci

Super Wash Laundromat & Dry Cleaner

We have just finished our third year on the HEB receipts and are renewing for a fourth! The 24/7 presence, touching every household in Lockhart, several times each month keeps us top of mind with the local residents.

Kay Weber

Great Clips

We started the program in 2009. We like the exposure it gives us in our local area and the low cost per thousand. We had another grocery store open and added that store to bring in more new customers. Our mailbox rental and color copy offers bring in customers the most consistently out of all our offers.

Bob Brown

The UPS Store

We have used this grocery store for over 10 years now. These coupons have become a fixture in our community and are responsible for a very large car count each year. It creates a great ROI and we are happy to be renewing again.

Yury Gershfeld

Ramon Canyon Car Wash

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Six Reasons to Advertise With IndoorMedia
Be Seen and Stand Out
The average grocery store sees 20,000 shoppers each week. In a year, your advertising message will have made 800,000 impressions.
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
Not only is your ad delivered to a large number of shoppers, but your message is repeated to the same shopper 1-2 times a week.
Hyperlocal Marketing
Grocery store advertising allows for more precise geo-targeting by reaching everyone within a 3-5 mile radius of the grocery store.
High Distribution, Low Cost
Your shopping cart or register tape advertisement is seen all year round at less than $6 per one-thousand impressions.
Implied Endorsement
Advertising at a grocery store adds credibility to your business because shoppers believe the store hand-selects each unique advertiser.
Industry Leader
Over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we have become the nation's leading choice for in-grocery advertising.

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