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Would you buy a $100 bill for $20?

When advertising works, it's just like that. 
You invest money and time and the end result should be more profit. 
Not just more sales, not just more customers, but actual bottom line profit.
That is the only way advertising can be considered successful. 

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12 Months to Proven Success

The Annual Program

Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. The RTUI annual program is designed to get you prepared for that new customer opportunity, whenever it might happen. There is a natural ramp up for advertising and you need a medium that stays with you and your customers without being a turn off. You want pervasive, not invasive.

No Gimmicks

Our program works the old fashioned way - we send customers to your business and you make a profit on every transaction. Other mediums try to trick customers to come in with amazing discounts or other tricks. Instead, we make sure the customer leaves happy and you leave with more cash in your register.

Targeting, Exposure and Timing

Advertising is pervasive and for the small business it can be difficult to cut through the noise and deliver a message with the right fidelity. To do so, you need a medium that delivers to the right prospects, who actually read the ad, and see it at the right time.

The 30 year Advantage

To be competitive, you need to know three things: what you can do, what your competition does, and what your customers want. At IndoorMedia, we provide insight into what has made advertising work for businesses just like yours. Over the past 30 years, we have built a database of successful campaigns and know just what to deliver to maximize profit.

Get Started

When you advertise on the receipt of a grocery store your message is hand-delivered. You can target by geography or demographics, and with an annual program, your ad will catch the customer at the right time.

Is That Enough?

Having a great medium is just the first step. To have a truly profitable campaign you need to take a disciplined approach just like dieting or investing in the stock market. Our proprietary advertising process maximizes your potential while minimizing risk.

How Does It Work?

The steps outlined here show a high level overview of the kind of in-depth analysis that your Marketing Consultant will do, leveraging nearly 30 years of experience with businesses just like yours.

Assess your market: We look at your business, your competition, and your customers to make sure there is a good fit between you and our Grocery Store Register Tape Advertising product.

Analyze your profitability: We start with our proprietary database of successful campaigns from businesses just like yours. This helps us craft the right offer to maximize profits, not just sales.

Prepare: Coupon redemptions, tracking, and online listings are all part of the preparation for a successful campaign.

Monitor and Modify: A program like this is not magic, and it takes time to build up your customers. Sometimes that requires some tweaking along the way. Each quarter your marketing consultant will work with you to make sure you are on track toward profitability and help refine your design and offer to increase profits.

Get Started

Market Analysis

  • Competition
  • Customers
  • Previous Advertising
  • Exclusivity
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Profitability

Design Ad

  • Best of the Best Research
  • Define Offer
  • Aesthetic Design


  • Coupon Tracking
  • Train Employees
  • Digital Readiness

Ad Publication

  • Verify installation
  • Share ad on social media
  • Place ad placard on counters

3 Quarterly Reviews

  • Review Redemptions
  • Calculate Profitability
  • Evaluate Ad/Offer
  • Verify Local Listings
  • Share New Ad

Annual Review

  • Quarterly Review
  • Analyze Ad Versions
  • Annual Profitability
  • Re-Evaulate Market

Start Your Advertising Program Today

To make sure we have availability and that your business is a good fit for our program, fill out the form below and we'll do a free evaluation of your marketing opportunities and create a game plan, only if we feel we can deliver.

The only annual program designed to provide a 5 times return on investment.

We have been doing the register tape advertising since September 2013 and there is no doubt that it has been the very best advertising we do. We have tried the Lake Region Monitor newspaper, monthly direct mail, the Bradford newspaper, and have even sent our own employees to distribute flyers. Register Tapes Unlimited is by far our #1 redeemed coupon, and that's why we just renewed for another year!


Nick Tonetti

Brooklyn Boys Pizza

This is the best advertising that we use and we think everyone should do the grocery store ads. It brings new customers and also brings back our regulars more often. I have renewed our ad for the third year and would recommend to other businesses that they use this program.


Martin Castro

El Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

I have been advertising with Register Tapes Unlimited since 1993. During that time I have had four different laundry locations advertising on the back of the register tape coupons. They produce the best advertising results from all the different promotions that we have tried.


Chris Balestracci

Super Wash Laundromat & Dry Cleaner


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