Target your local supermarket to put your business directly into the hands of potential customers.

IndoorMedia has become the largest receipt advertising solution in the USA and Canada by leveraging the important role each grocery store plays in its community. Our Register Tapes Unlimited program targets your local supermarket to put your business directly into the hands of potential customers. Your advertisement is showcased as a featured business on the receipt tape in your local grocery store and handed to every customer during checkout. Join us and become one of the thousands of businesses we have helped increase sales and acquire new customers.


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It's So Simple To Start Advertising

Identify Your Target Area

90% of your customers live within 3 miles of your location. We target the one place they all go to, the grocery store.

Create Your Ad

Our Graphics Department puts your brand and a compelling message together to create an ad that brings you customers.

Launch Your Campaign

Within a few weeks, your ads are running day and night in front of your most relevant audience.

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The Most Cost Effective Way to Advertise
Minimal Cost
IndoorMedia products stand out as some of the least expensive forms of advertising in the industry. RTUI costs less than $6 per thousand impressions and, unlike online coupon programs who take a 50% cut, our program is built so that you keep all the profits. 
Maximum Advertising Response
Register Tapes Unlimited lives by the CODE: Category, Offer, Distance and Execution. These industry specific best practices have been used throughout our 30 year history, to help businesses achieve desired results and advertising response. 

Customer Testimonial

We have been doing the register tape advertising since September 2013 and there is no doubt that it has been the very best advertising we do. We have tried the Lake Region Monitor newspaper, monthly direct mail, the Bradford newspaper, and have even sent our own employees to distribute flyers. Register Tapes Unlimited is by far our #1 redeemed coupon, and that's why we just renewed for another year!

Nick Tonetti Brooklyn Boys Pizza

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RTUI Makes a Tangible Difference
Hyperlocal Marketing
RTUI targets potential customers within a 3-5 mile radius of your selected grocery store. This means your advertising impact is maximized by reaching the local neighborhoods where your potential customers live and work.
Endorsement from a National Brand
Shoppers perceive the advertisements on the receipt tape as trusted local businesses that have earned the recommendation of the grocery store's national brand. This implied endorsement adds legitimacy to your business.
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
How many times do you go to the grocery store a week? The average shopper ranks at 1.7 visits. This means that your register tape ad will be placed directly in the hands of your potential and existing customer over 80 times each year.
Video Testimonials
Arby's Fast Food Restaurant
"We can attribute 4-6% of our net sales directly to having register tape. It has increased our business."
Nutty Brown Cafe & Amphitheatre
"It's been a fabulous deal for us. It's by far the best advertising dollars I spend. I see $10.00 for every $1.00 I spend with RTUI."
More Examples of Success
Cheese Steak Shop
"The register tape so far has been working out great" . . . "it definitely has been a really good investment for us."

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