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Register Tapes Unlimited at IndoorMedia
Why Coupon Receipt Advertising Really Works
Build Recognition With Repetition
Studies show the average person needs to see an ad 7-21 times before they’ll remember it. With Cartvertising, shoppers view your message 1-2 times a week, month after month. That's 52-104 times a year!
Target Local Shoppers Likely to Buy
Place your advertising in the same communities where your potential customers live, not zip codes away! Choose from over 9,000 available grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada to target ideal customers within a 3-5 mile radius.
Success by Association
Local grocery stores are seen as trusted, professional members of the community. Being featured in one the the most respected businesses in your neighborhood gives your business an implied endorsement.
Profitable, Proven Advertising
An investment in Cartvertising is a profitable and proven one! All advertising campaigns need four elements to be successful; Repetition, Appeal, Targeting, and Exposure. Cartvertising’s high mix of RATE and low-cost are what make our program so successful.

Increase Your Reach with Digital Boost

Digital Boost pairs online banner ads with your in-store advertising to speed up and increase impressions and performance.

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What Happy RTUI Customers Say

Depending on the day anywhere from 10 - 30 coupons are received. I believe this is an excellent return on my investment. I’ve been doing the program since 2020 and will always renew. My average ticket is 9 -11 dollars. I would recommend the register tape program to any restaurant business as it brings in and makes your guests aware 🙂 I love this program, we have a large Jewish community that comes to our store and they shop at our local Winn-Dixie nearby. Because they are looking for a Kosher Shop dessert stop nearby. They come in hordes, especially during their holiday seasons. However, they aren’t the only coupon users. I have seen a good uptick across the board. This program works!
Rita's Italian Ice and Frozen Custard
Andrew Byers
We see at least 4 of these coupons a day after 4 months. We are very happy this these results so far. We can't wait to see what it's like once the program has a chance to grow. We are seeing a good return on our investment and recommend this program to other businesses to try.
We see 3 to 5 new patients a week. Our average ticket is $500 per coupon creating an additional weekly revenue of $2500. This program is working great and is an excellent return on our investment.
Adco Dental