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Hyper-Local Coupon Advertising to Reach Your Ideal Customers

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Local Advertising with Big Results
2,500+ Ads Handed Out Daily
Did you know that over 20,000 shoppers go to your local store every week? That’s 2,500 shoppers that get your message every single day.
Track Results
Coupon advertising is extremely trackable. This allows businesses to understand results on a granular level, getting insight into which offers are generating profit.
85% of the Community Shops 1x a Week
Your ideal, local customers are going to the grocery store at least once a week, if not more often. Target them where they spend their time, your local grocery store!
A Program That Pays for Itself
Thousands of RTUI customers have seen success. With our cost effective program, the profits you’ll make from new customers will pay for the initial investment.

Increase Your Reach with Digital Boost

Digital Boost pairs online banner ads with your in-store advertising to speed up and increase impressions and performance.

Advertising That Works!

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Work with Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson is an experienced advertising consultant and enjoys working in his local community.



Grocery Stores Available

Cub Foods, County Market

Locations Served


What Mark's Clients Say

The return on my investment is excellent. I just renewed. I recommend RTUI to other businesses.
Harmony Restaurant
Ken Wong
We are seeing an excellent return on our investment and recommend this program to other businesses like ours! We have been with RTUI for three years and just renewed. Average ticket price is $31.50 and we receive approx. 80 coupons per month.
Pet Supplies Plus
Steve Blitchington
The return on my investment is excellent. I've been with the program for 8 years and just renewed. I recommend RTUI to other businesses.
Justin's Roseville Car Wash