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Be Seen by 15-20,000 Potential Customers Every Week

Get exposure 7 days a week, 15 Hours a day in your potential market area!

Register Tapes Unlimited at IndoorMedia
Get Noticed With Register Tapes Unlimited
Be Seen 7 Days a Week
Everyone goes to the grocery store! Use this to your advantage by placing your ad where prospective customers can see it every day of the week.
Eye-Catching Offers
A strong and profitable coupon offer is placed on the receipts handed to shoppers when they checkout. Our full-color magazine quality ads are sure to catch their attention!
Your Ideal Customer
The people that live within a few miles of your business are the people you want to target. Place your ad in the grocery store within 3-5 miles of your business to reach your ideal customer.
Get Direct Measurable Results
Because our program is coupon driven, they are redeemed directly at your business. You can track redemptions and revenue to make sure you’re getting the best ROI.

Increase Your Reach with Digital Boost

Digital Boost pairs online banner ads with your in-store advertising to speed up and increase impressions and performance.

Be Recommended to Shoppers and Get Direct Measurable Results!

Only a few local businesses can be a part of our program! Repetition and consistency of message equals impactful Marketing that affects your Sales Volume!

Work with Scott Kondroik

Scott Kondroik is a Regional Sales Manager with Register Tapes Unlimited at IndoorMedia. He has been coordinating the register tape program for over 21 years! Scott is also a National Accounts and Convention Specialist.



Grocery Stores Available

Winn Dixie

Locations Served

Northeast Florida
South Georgia

Hear From Scott's Clients

We have been advertising on the register receipts since October 2017 and it's the best coupon program we do. We are always getting new customers coming in even though we are in the Winn Dixie shopping center. I did the Mint and Money pages before but the register tape proved to be the best advertising I do. I dropped them and stayed with the register tape. It's a great program and I give it my best recommendation. We just renewed for another year and I think everyone should give it a try!
Mi Rancho Mexican Restaurant
Marie Hernandez
We have been advertising on the Register Tapes since May 2015. We really like the fact that it promotes our salon in our area on a daily basis, especially because we were a new store in a shopping center without a major anchor. We have received a sixty-one percent return on our investment which makes this program a worthwhile investment. That's why we are renewing for another year and recommend the Register Tape Advertising program to any business.
Tom Janning
We have now been advertising with RTUI for over ten years. The Winn dixie coupons are my best advertising we do. It works better than the Mint magazine and the Money pages. I receive coupons everyday and we like being the only pizzeria that's recommended by Winn dixie. call me if you need a great reference. we just renewed for three years!
Jenk's Pizza