6 Social Media Prompts for Small Businesses

When you first start your organic social media strategy, it probably feels easy to develop social media prompts for your company’s profiles. If anything, you might feel like you have too much content to share and want to get it out there as soon as possible! It’s important to take a deep breath and pace yourself. […]

5 Tips to Create a Brilliant Restaurant Sign

Restaurant Sign

Zoom! That’s the sound of customers driving past your restaurant. Without a bold, branded outdoor restaurant sign, potential customers may be passing up your business for something that looks more appealing. To capture the eyes (and hearts) of your local consumers, you need to stand out with your signage. Here are 5 tips for creating […]

7 Creative Holiday Restaurant Promotions

holiday restaurant promotions

While the 2020 holidays will certainly arrive like no other holiday season before, there’s no reason not to celebrate. This has been one of the most difficult years for restaurants nationwide, so if you’ve made it, you should celebrate! While you may not be in the holiday spirit right now, these quick and creative holiday […]

‘Twas The Year 2020

A special thanks to Tim Andrews, National Sales Director with Cartvertising at IndoorMedia, for this exceptional recap of 2020!  ‘Twas the year 2020, normal as it could be. The stands full of fans as I watched on TV. They were hugging, high-fiving, and none of them guessed, soon a turn of events would create such […]

Spark Brand Buzz with Automotive Radio Ads

Automotive Radio Ads

Do you wish your auto repair shop’s name was on the lips of every potential customer in town? Automotive radio ads can bring that vision to life! Spark brand buzz, generate conversations about your fantastic services, and increase profits through consistent, memorable radio advertising. Here’s how:  5 Keys to Automotive Radio Ads  Before you invest, […]

Captivate Website Visitors With a Free Online Mechanic Chat

If your website isn’t converting visitors into leads, then it’s not doing its job. Think about your own experience searching for a product or service online. You start with Google, click on a search result that looks promising, and when you get to the website, you can’t find the information you’re looking for. So you […]

Gain Customer Loyalty With Simple, Effective Auto Repair Receipts

Are you rewarding your current customers? If you aren’t, you should be! Keeping current customers is so much easier, and cheaper, than finding new ones.  While there are many ways to encourage customer loyalty, we’re going to discuss a simple, yet significant tactic – putting offers on the back of your auto repair receipts. Those […]

The Best Platforms to Post Auto Repair Coupons Online

best way to advertise small business

Have you ever thought about posting your auto repair coupons online? If you’ve done even a little bit of research, you’ve probably noticed that few coupon sites accommodate small businesses. Coupons.com, RetailMeNot.com, and the like primarily distribute coupons for consumer packaged goods and big-box retailers. This leaves independent auto repair shops with limited options. So, […]

4 Steps to Create Effective Coupons for Auto Repair Service

Looking to attract customers who need a skilled and trusted mechanic? We thought you might be. Coupons for auto repair service are a proven, profitable way to do just that. There are two reasons why: Every car needs service. Eventually, every car needs some type of maintenance or repairs. For car owners like myself, that […]

Top Digital Marketing Ideas for Auto Repair Shops

digital marketing

Did you know the average person spends 3 hours a day on their phone?! Without a doubt, your potential customers are spending their time online. Invade their space, capture their attention, and generate new sales by investing a little time and money into digital marketing for auto repair shops. Worried about complicated and expensive channels? […]