6 Advertising Platforms And How to Use Them


When it comes to advertising, it’s best to feel out all your options. In some cases, it can be helpful to take advantage of different mediums during different seasons. For example, sponsoring a local sports team in the spring is a great way to reach your community and add some local flair to your campaign. […]

5 Ways to Win New Customers For Your Salon

hair salon

Whether you’re a new salon or a household name, everyone has slow days. While some salon owners might close or focus on prep and maintenance during these times, there are plenty of ways to get customers in the door. Remember that the easiest way to win new customers is through solid marketing. You may be […]

Restaurant Trends: What to Cash In On and Why

trendy restaurant dish

Look, whether you love avocado toast or not, the trend came and conquered. Those restaurants that were able to cash in on the quick, millennial food made serious profits off a loaf of bread, so it’s important to take advantage of trends wherever you can. Adopting trends can often trigger a question of integrity. Some […]

4 Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

social media

This year, make it your goal to improve your small business’s online presence. For some, that will mean creating a website or claiming a business in google listings. For others, it may mean improving content and growing an already vast audience. No matter how many followers you’re beginning this year with, there is always room for improvement. Many […]

How to Make a Viral Video

person making video

Today, there is nothing better for business than a viral video. While some videos may grow traction over time, viral videos seem to explode in a matter of hours. After the first several thousand views, somehow, these videos end up on every consumer’s screen and amass millions of views in a few days. Some videos […]

Facebook Ads For Beginners

facebook ads

We all have to start somewhere, so whether you’re gearing up to run your first Facebook ad campaign or just wondering how many users you could actually reach — be sure to keep reading. In this guide, we’ll discuss what you can expect from running your first advertising campaign and how to get started.   […]

6 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tips

Today, more and more consumers are turning to small businesses for their everyday needs. A new focus on “shopping local” has helped keep customers returning to many salons, restaurants, and stores — but the pressure of competing with national brands remains daunting. For this reason, it’s important to find ways to hack in and reach […]

Impress Locals in 5 Easy Steps

One of the reasons it’s so difficult for small businesses to compete with national chains is the sheer amount of advertising resources big brands have in their pocket. Whether you’re a restaurant competing with a national fast-food chain, or a salon trying to get customers in your door, you probably don’t have the budget to […]

5 Steps to Quickly Build Your Brand Online


Whether you’re a restaurant that’s seen a surge in take-out orders or a salon wondering how to get in the game — it’s important to set yourself up for success online. Part of this will rely on successfully marketing yourself, and it’s important to draw inspiration from your competition. That could mean looking at how […]

How To: Dry Cleaner Coupon Advertising

If you want to get ahead in this world, you’ll need to get busy. If you’re a small business, you need to be advertising locally, effectively, and immediately. Depending on your business, it may feel difficult to design a new campaign from scratch. If you have a previous idea to build off of or a […]