Grocery Cart Advertising: Is It Right for My Business?

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Finding affordable yet reliable and proven advertising methods is a challenge for small businesses. Not only is advertising expensive, but it can be tough to build brand awareness while targeting a specific audience. Successful marketing has reach—but it often comes at a steep price. This often leaves auto shop and other small-business owners to fend for themselves when looking for affordable advertising solutions that provide maximum return on investment.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Have you ever considered grocery cart advertising?

Grocery cart advertising enables small-business owners to reap the benefits of national advertising campaigns by providing extensive, targeted reach. In other words, these campaigns enable business owners to enjoy the perks of large-scale, million-dollar campaigns—at the fraction of the price.

Think of these custom-designed, full-color advertising campaigns as small-scale billboards on shopping carts. Not only do they demand the attention of shoppers, but they can be targeted around the unique needs of your consumers. That interaction increases brand recognition and reach.

For small businesses, grocery cart advertising is right for your business. To help illustrate exactly why, consider the following.

Increased Interactions

In other advertising strategies—including both print and digital—exposure may be fleeting. Consumers may flip through a newspaper or click through a website, only to be distracted by something else. However, with cart advertising, ads are placed directly where consumers look: the literal vessel of their shopping experience. This placement ensures that your brand is front and center during their entire grocery store trip.

The longer the customer spends in the store, the more exposure your brand gets. In fact, the average shopper spends 43 minutes in a store per trip. Grocery shoppers generally keep their cart with them throughout their entire shopping experience, meaning that your ad is mere inches from their fingertips every minute, every visit. This forced exposure enables your business to make a lasting impression.

As this illustrates, cart advertising has a guaranteed interaction, as potential customers engage with these advertisements for a measurable period of time.

Guaranteed Repetition

Not only does the primary shopper of a household spend nearly an hour per grocery store trip, but he or she also visits stores an average of 1.7 times per week. What does this mean for your brand? That your message will be reinforced more than an hour per week and more than 80 times throughout a year. 

Every trip that a potential customer takes to the grocery store results in another opportunity to cement your brand in his or her mind. What’s more, supermarket chains are selective about which businesses can advertise in their stores. This presents a unique opportunity for small businesses to be associated with well-known local and national grocery stores.

Not only does this mean that your brand is front and center during customers’ shopping experiences, but it also creates an element of exclusivity. In addition to guaranteed repetition, grocery cart advertising provides brands with components of prestige and trust.

Customization Capabilities

Small businesses can achieve greater brand recognition by joining forces with local supermarket chains. When businesses advertise with supermarkets, they only pay for the ads running in a particular store, which means your target audience will be relevant. Grocery store advertising can utilize geographic campaigns based on ZIP code, city, and state preferences. In other words, you know exactly where you’re making an investment.

Not only does grocery cart advertising offer an oversight of your investment, but it also provides a potential for customization. Business owners can customize marketing messaging based on age, gender, average household income, and other demographic factors to ensure that ads are reaching a relevant audience. And because the primary buyer of a household often shops for groceries, you can ensure that your ads are reaching decision-makers.

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