How to Build Your Nail Salon’s Menu

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When we say “Nail Salon Menu,” we’re talking about your salon’s list of services. Building a list is about providing information to your current and potential customers in a clear, accessible format so that they can make informed buying decisions. The right design will lure your customers in and give them an easy path from one service to the next. Anything too busy — or too bare-bones — could drive potential customers away or prevent current customers from purchasing additional services. Because your “menu” will serve as the gateway to everything your salon has to offer, it’s almost as important as your work itself. Think back to the “take out” menus you’ve seen at restaurants. They’re usually light, print brochures that you can take with you when you leave. Whether they’re pinned to your fridge or taking up drawer space, they’re in your home. When businesses manage to send customers home with extra reading material — whether it’s a business card or list of sushi styles — that customer is much more likely to read it. For that reason, we’re going to focus on building a printed, leaflet-style nail salon menu that can be used in-house or as a take-away material.

 How To Build a Nail Salon Menu

1. Start with a Template 2. Tell a Story 3. Define Your Signature Services 4. Upsell Through FAQ 5. Don’t Forget your Contact Info 6. Combine your Nail Salon Menu with Other Print Media  

Start with a Template 

No need to spend hours designing and redesigning your menu. Instead, let someone else take care of that part for you. A quick internet search will produce thousands of ready-made nail salon menu templates available for affordable prices.  Services like VistaPrint allow you to choose from hundreds of templates, type in your salon’s information, and then print your menus in a large quantity. For a small additional fee, you can even hire a designer to complete the template for you. 

 Tell a Story 

Your nail salon menu doubles as advertising space. Even if you don’t think of it this way now, it makes sense to take advantage of something you’re already paying for to promote your business further. Take this opportunity to brand your nail salon and tell customers a little more about why they should choose you. Elevated graphic design and a clear market position could be all your business needs to upsell potential clients — if you convince them your salon is the best in town. Lead with a light introduction that clearly explains what your salon offers. For example, “We’re Houston’s favorite nail art destination.” “From there, give a little backstory to humanize your business. When did you open? Who is on your team? What is your business’s mission statement? All of these things will invaluably brand your salon, so go ahead and speak your truth!

 Define Your Signature Services 

Every nail salon offers the standard manicure and pedicure, but most salons have their own unique names for their different service levels.
  •  Basic Pedicure $25
  • Super Deluxe Pedicure $35
  • Supreme Relax Pedicure $55 
The vocabulary you use to describe your services can elevate them and allow your standard pricing to seem more competitive. For example, customers may choose the “Super Deluxe Pedicure” because the phrasing implies a better experience than “Basic” at only $10 more. All in all, remember that this list of services should help you increase your sales base. Today, customers also love to spend money on unique, one-of-a-kind services and experiences. With everything from milk and honey pedicures to CBD facials, clients may be willing to shell out extra money if you’re offering a trendy wellness-driven service. That being said, if the service doesn’t really align with your salon’s brand or reputation, customers are going to be skeptical about your expertise in providing that service. That’s why it’s important to know what your brand is before building your nail salon menu. It acts as a guide to help you create a consistent, clear menu of services that shows your commitment to certain standards.

 Upsell with FAQ

In closing, list two to five frequently asked questions before your contact info. You can use this section to either list actual questions you often receive or to cleverly tell a little more about your salon’s services to encourage customers to purchase additional services. For example, you may write, “How long do gel manicures last?” or “What is eyebrow threading?” The second is a niche question about a niche service that many customers probably would have skipped over. However, in reading a little more information about it and believing it to be a popular service, customers may be more likely to request it.

 Don’t Forget Your Contact Info

In today’s scape of websites, social media, and brick and mortar addresses, it can be difficult to know what contact info to list. Generally, depending on space, it may be easiest to list your address, phone number, and website. If you have a serious social media presence, don’t be afraid to include your handles with an inviting phrase like “Check Out Our Work at:” or “Find a Specialist at:” These phrases are called a Call to Action, a popular way to close any company material. Incentivizing one more step towards choosing your business is a key marketing hack and a route every business owner should take advantage of.

 Combine Your Nail Salon Menu With Other Print Media 

Once you’ve chosen a template and determined which information will be included in your menu, you can translate your print design into other print mediums. Many salons decide to run coupons to advertise specials, and the easiest way to maintain branding from one material to the next is to keep the same logo. Using this and an established color scheme can easily bond your materials and weave a brand awareness between the two. Many salons will choose to run their coupon campaigns through grocery store advertising to guarantee the locals see their printed coupons. At IndoorMedia, we pair with grocery stores so small businesses like nail salons can run their coupons on the backs of grocery store register tape. With around 20,000 people visiting grocery stores every week, your coupon is guaranteed to go home in the pocket of every single person who shops in the store. Moreover, you save on printing costs and get to advertise to a hyper-local audience. Because grocery stores are pulling most of their customers from a three-mile radius of the store, you’re guaranteed to reach people in your community. Plus, with grocery stores established as perhaps the most stable player in the pandemic economy, you’re guaranteed to increase outreach no matter what’s happening.

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