Casa Guzmania

350 South Market Street, San Jose, California 95113
(408) 601-0294 |

What Products or Services does your business provide?

Artisanal empanadas with fillings of Mexican foods, sweet and savory, baked with puff pastry.
We have smoothies, frappes, shake, flan, hot chocolate, tea, americano coffee, salad, sandwich, chicken noodle soup. We bake conchas, orange bread, pecan bread, Nutella trenza, breads must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

What types of advertising are you currently doing, and what types of advertising have been most successful for you in the past?

We have only social media.

Are there any certifications, awards, or media recognition that your business has received?


Tell us about your employees.

we are only 2

What is the story behind your business?

It is a familiar business, the idea was born when we wanted to start a food business in United States and we had prepared the empanadas before to sell but only to friends and coworkers in Mexico. All the support for the creation of the business here in the country was from my brother, he is an engineer and we had no clear idea of a business, the most difficult challenge was leaving our country and our careers because my husband an me are musicians and my husband is chiropractor too, and subsequently change jobs and keep the business running.

Tell a story about a great customer experience.

We have had pleasant comments, but the most pleasant thing has been to see that many times they enter without knowing what the empanadas are and they order with fear but when they leave their face changes and they tell us that they are the best empanadas they have ever eaten.

Explain why a customer should consider your business instead of going to a competitor.

Our empanadas are baked in puff pastry is a little crispy and the flavors are delectables, we have a wide variety of sweet and savory flavors.

What extra services do you offer that people might not know about?

We offer online ordering for pick up, deliver and shipping.  As well we offer catering.

Casa Guzmania

Business Hours

Tuesday 9:00 to 6:00

Wednesday 9:00 to 6:00

Thursday 9:00 to 6:00

Friday 9:00 to 7:00

Saturday 10:00 to 7:00

Sunday and Monday closed