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Auto Shop Marketing & Advertising

Automotive services can be highly competitive within a small community. You need to find something that sets your auto shop apart from your competition and it’s important to communicate this unique value to your prospective customers so that they know what makes your shop different. Our auto repair marketing company will help you build trust and familiarity with customers in your area.

Learn more about some of the top auto repair marketing tactics and how to apply them to your shop.

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Coupon Advertising for Auto Repair Shops

Coupons have the unique ability to appeal to both new customers and previous customers. Not all types of marketing can say the same thing. They can also set you apart from your competitors. IndoorMedia’s auto repair marketing experts offer a variety of effective coupon ad campaigns for the vehicle repair industry.

Digital Marketing for Auto Repair Businesses

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing trends for advertising and includes many different types of online marketing. Before you decide on your auto repairs shop’s digital marketing strategy, it is important to figure out which outlet works best for your customers and auto shop.

Building Mechanic Customer Loyalty

Once you get customers through the door you want to keep them coming back for future services. Not only will having loyal customers keep your mechanics busy it will also help with spreading the word about your auto shop.

Word of Mouth Reviews for Auto Repair Shops

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most credible forms of advertising and can be one of the most effective auto repair marketing marketing tactics to help grow your business. This includes personal conversations as well as online reviews from past customers.

Word of Mouth Reviews for Auto Repair Shops

Traditional Advertising for Auto Repair Shops

Traditional advertising is what most people think of when they talk about advertising. Do you have to have to use them just because others have done it in the past? Times have changed, and so have buyer behaviors. Get the latest scoop on advertising in newspapers, billboards, and through direct mail from our experienced auto repair marketing company.