QR Code Best Practices

As part of our commitment to customer success, IndoorMedia provides a QR code with Redirector for all of our advertising customers. 

Key Benefits of a Redirector

Seamless User Experience

Scanners of the QR Code will not notice a significant difference in scanning a QR Code with the Redirector vs. a QR Code that is hardcoded to your destination. There are no additional clicks or messages the user will see.


Change the destination of your QR Code at any time.

Since your QR code is printed, it will be set for the duration it is on the ad. However, If you decide you’d rather have your QR Code go to a different page on your website, social media, or elsewhere, the Redirector allows you to make that change instantly.

QR Code Expectations

“If you choose to use QR codes in your creative, you can expect about 5-10 scans per million impressions on avg. If you design creative to focus on the QR code and follow some of the tips on this page, it can increase to 20-40 scans per million impressions on avg.”


While IndoorMedia is seeing higher rates of scan than the above quote, the scan rate is still a tiny fraction of the total views of the Ad. This is simply a direct consequence of people having to get out their phones and having a REASON to scan your ad. A QR Code randomly placed with no clear call to action will get a much lower scan rate.

Tracking and Analytics

Track Scans

For every scan, IndoorMedia will track the Date and Time and IP address of the user. No Personal information is gathered. This way you can see how often your code is being scanned.

Track Results of Specific Calls To Action

IndoorMedia can add Tracking Parameters (UTM codes) that tie scans to specific creatives or ad locations.

Integrate Your Own Website Analytics

The Redirector will pass on the Tracking Parameters (UTM codes) to your website so you can use your regular website analytics.

QR Code Best Practices

To increase the number of Scans your QR Code gets, follow these best practices:

Include a Call to Action

Clearly tell your customer what to expect when they click on your QR Code. For example, your ad could say “Order Now”, or “Check Our Listings”. A QR code by itself will get very few scans.

Frame your QR Code

Make sure the code has a frame around it to set it apart from the rest of the ad.

Test Your QR Code

When you get a proof of your ad, make sure to test the code with your own phone.

Use the smallest QR Code you need.

QR Codes come in a wide variety of sizes and densities. Version 1 in the below image is sufficient for the IndoorMedia Redirector. Your QR Code will be printed on high resolution press. With the current performance of typical phones, users can zoom in to scan the code as well.