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[New Research] Just How Many People are Using Coupons?

By Anna Ruby on 6/1/18 8:24 AM

The coupon craze has risen to new heights. While consumers have always wanted to save money, Google Trends shows that interest in the term “coupons” has more than doubled since 2004. And, according to research from Hawk Incentives, 97 percent of consumers look for a deal when they shop, and 56 percent are more likely to look for a deal in 2017 than 2016. Survey after survey points to the same trend: Americans are still crazy for coupons.What follows is some more research diving into the details of coupon usage.

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Is print dead?

By Anna Ruby on 5/18/18 8:05 AM

Paul has spent the last 3 hours searching for "small business advertising" on Google. He's tried Facebook, Google AdWords, and even hosted a community event, but he's still in need of new customers. So, Paul texts his neighbor Quinn to see what advertising he's been doing since Quinn's pizza shop has been busy non-stop lately. Quinn texts back, "Direct mail and coupon advertising." "There's no way!", says Paul. "Print is dead. Nobody looks at that stuff!" Six months later, Quinn's pizza shop is still busy and Paul is still searching for new sales. 

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The Anatomy of a Good Coupon Ad: What to Include and What to Avoid

By Anna Ruby on 5/14/18 8:20 AM

Six months ago Rick invested in register tape advertising for his restaurant. After hearing success stories from other restaurant owners, Rick expected to get a quick return on his investment. Now six months have gone by and only one new customer has come in from the campaign. Determined to find the source of the problem, Rick goes to the grocery store to see the receipts first-hand. Much to his surprise, Rick's offers aren't nearly as good as he thought they were! His $2 off an entree pales in comparison to the other offers, and the colors he insisted on using are muddy and unappealing. Realizing he's made a huge mistake, Rick rushes back to the restaurant to call his Marketing Consultant, ask for forgiveness, and get his coupon advertising campaign back on track.  

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Insurance Agent Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 5/10/18 8:20 AM

Establish a Foundation of Trust

As an insurance agent, building familiarity with consumers well before they need your service is an integral part of making the final sale. An established foundation of trust can make all the difference when a person's policy expires or a life-changing event occurs and they're looking to buy from their friendly neighborhood agent. To lay this foundation, you need to put your business front and center of consumers' attention.

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Cartvertising: How to Advertise in Your Local Grocery Store

By Anna Ruby on 5/4/18 8:05 AM

The setting: your local grocery store. The scene: Alice Walker has entered the store and grabbed a shopping cart. She opens up the seat of the cart to set her purse down.  There she sees an ad for Charlotte Wilson, Realtor extraordinaire! Alice continues her shopping trip, adding items to her basket, and each time her eyes catch a glimpse of the ad. For the next 47 minutes, Alice repeats the routine, grabbing, placing and seeing. She stops and talks to friends and neighbors, checks out, and the last thing she sees when returning her cart is Charlotte Wilson, Realtor extraordinaire! At work the next day, Alice learns that one of her colleagues is planning on selling her home. When asked if Alice knows a good realtor, she says, “Have you heard of Charlotte Wilson? I see her everywhere.” 

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5 Google Calendar Tips to Make Everyday Life Easier

By Anna Ruby on 5/2/18 8:16 AM

We all wish we had more than 24 hours in a day. While we can't change the sun's rotation around the Earth, we can take small efforts to simplify our everyday life. Making little tasks more efficient can lead to less stress, fewer distractions, and a more productive day. 

These 5 Google Calendar tips can help simplify your everyday life by getting you organized, focused, and more aware of the time you have to spend. 

Topics: Sales Tools
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Restaurant Advertising Tactics That Actually Work

By Anna Ruby on 4/26/18 8:35 AM

American restaurants collectively spent $6.4 billion on advertising according to research from 2013. With so much being spent on advertising we have to wonder, "How much of that $6.4 billion is spent on advertising tactics that actually work?"

Whether you're investing money or time, your restaurant should focus on tactics that are proven and profitable for your category of business. 

Let's review three types of restaurant advertising that have a great track record and are easy on the wallet.

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Salon Advertising

By Anna Ruby on 4/23/18 8:12 AM

Increase Sales for Your Hair or Nail Salon

Growing your client base requires more than just providing high-quality services. To bring in new clients, you've also got to market your business consistently in your local neighborhoods. To grow your client base and maximize your profits, invest in the proven and profitable technique of coupon advertising.

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What are Google Local Services Ads?

By Anna Ruby on 4/20/18 8:03 AM

Google's Local Services Ads is a new form of paid advertising for local professional service providers that can help you establish trust with consumers, generate leads, and close sales. 

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Beginner's Guide to Email Prospecting

By Anna Ruby on 4/12/18 8:25 AM


Email prospecting campaigns appear simple at first glance, but can become complex quickly. With so many small details that can affect your response rates, and ultimately sales, it can be easy to spend hours scratching your head trying to figure out why prospects aren’t responding. Instead, follow best practices, create the right messaging, and track your results in order to evaluate the email campaigns that work for you.

Topics: Sales Tools
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