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Be a Competitor in Your Market

The landscape for dry cleaning advertising has drastically changed in the last 10 years. From business casual to “no-wrinkle” fabrics, consumer habits don’t rely on dry cleaning as heavily as they used to. While you may not have control over what people wear to work, advertising is well within your control. Even in an overcrowded market, effective dry cleaning advertising can make your business stand out.

Make a Tangible Difference in Your Advertising

IndoorMedia’s Register Tapes Unlimited division is a 1 year program that sets your dry cleaning business on the path to successful dry cleaning advertising. Following our program steps, you will identify your market, design your offer, and publish your ad. Careful monitoring gives you the opportunity to modify your program to do more of what works. Get started today with the only dry cleaning digital marketing and register tape ad campaign designed from the ground up to make you a competitor in your market.

Register Tapes Unlimited at IndoorMedia

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“This is a great way to keep my cleaners on the minds of people in my community. I’ve always been taken good care of as a client. I have been seeing 25 to 30 coupons per week from my local register tape coupon program for the last 7 years, and I am seeing a good return on my investment.” – Greg Hazelwood, Collegiate Cleaners

Average Coupons Redeemed: 30 per week, 120 per month 

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“This is a low cost advertisement that works! It keeps your name in front of customers all week long and brings in new customers each week. Other businesses should try this. They will be delighted with the results!” – An Sook On, Modern Cleaners

Average Coupons Redeemed: 21 per week, 84 per month 

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 “We have been using our local Stop N Shop for 26 years running a double ad which covers all three of our services. We get a very good consistent return on this program. Most are new customers, and some are existing customers so it also helps with customer retention.” – Chris Balestracci, Super Wash Laundry & Dry Cleaner

Average Coupons Redeemed: 45 per week, 180 per month 


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