Cartvertising: How to Advertise in Your Local Grocery Store

Cartvertising, IndoorMedia’s shopping cart advertising program, places your business on the baby seat and nose portions of grocery store shopping carts. You can think of these custom-designed, full-color advertising campaigns as small-scale billboards that turn your business into a local celebrity!   Shopping cart advertising is an affordable, high-profile means for local businesses to advertise, […]

How to Take Perfect Product Photos

take a perfect product photo

Today, more and more small businesses use social media to get their name out there. Filling out your profile may seem easy — you probably have many photos from over the years to show what your brand is all about. If you’re a new business, you might have invested in a professional photographer to help […]

Reset Your Marketing Strategy in 5 Minutes

blog marketing strategy

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions — so why wouldn’t your business? The New Year is a great opportunity to review the goals you set last year and evaluate whether they are still your main priority. Maybe your business met and surpassed heights you never imagined in years prior, or maybe you’ve found some new ideas […]

How to Build Your Brand from Scratch


What do we mean when we talk about “Branding”? To compete with national chains, you’ll have to have a strong grasp on this concept — especially if you’re just starting out. Part of why huge companies can move so easily from state to state is because of a concept called “brand recognition.” When consumers recognize […]

4 Tips For Setting Your Marketing Budget

marketing budget

Whether you’re considering your first campaign or trying to get a better sense of how much you could have saved on your last one, it’s time to set a firm marketing budget. In this guide, we’ll break down the different platforms your business should be marketing on and how to determine how much to spend. […]

Research Shows This is How to Overcome The Biggest Restaurant Challenges

restaurant owners

We scoured a successful restaurant study to bring you all the most important information in one clear guide. The information was collected from thousands of restaurants around the country, identifying the biggest challenges for restauranteurs and how to overcome them. If you are a small business restaurant owner, then you already know that balancing the […]

5 Tips For Restaurant Menu Marketing

Restaurant Menu

Today, customers are dining out in an entirely different way. A large portion of foodies aren’t even visiting restaurants anymore and have turned instead to ordering take out through different delivery platforms. One way to get these customers back in the door is to offer your own delivery service, but we understand that’s not always […]

Why Small Businesses Need to Use Infographics


Today, heartwarming content can only get you so far. It’s hard to hear, but contemporary clients want cold hard facts. Even more so, customers want new content to be at once informative and accessible. Think about the textbooks you read as a child — were you drawn more often to dense paragraphs or bright charts […]

4 Reasons Why Coupon Advertising Works

If you’re wary of coupon advertising — don’t be. Coupon advertising is one of the easiest ways to get new customers in the door and promote brand familiarity. Whether you’re a new business in your area or just trying to excite your regulars all over again, coupons can be a great way to reach out. […]

The Five Best Twitter Tips for Lawyers

law firm

Does the thought of using Twitter send chills down your spine? If it does, but you’re still intrigued by its ability to build brand familiarity, recognition, and voice, then you’re in the right place. The Twitter-sphere is a complicated place to understand fully. Your tweets simultaneously show up alongside national competitors and small businesses, and […]