5 Car Wash Coupons That Attract Customers

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As a car wash owner, you know that there’s no shortage of options for customers to choose from and the competition is fierce. Winning customers from your competition is more important than ever. With the right car wash coupons, you can set yourself apart from that “other” car wash down the street.

There are ways to get your coupon in the hands of those dirty car-owners in your community. But first, let’s take a look at some examples of coupons that can attract customers to YOUR car wash.

1. Great Offer

Business:  Red Carpet Car Wash

red carpet car wash coupon

This coupon offers significant savings for the customer with dollars-off of two of their best packages.

Everyone loves a deal, but you do want to offer enough savings to make it attractive and worth their time. You also want to select your wording carefully because it has an impact on how people perceive your discount. This coupon uses “$10 Off”, which emphasizes achieving a gain, while using words like “Save $10” emphasizes avoiding a loss. Of course, it depends on the customer, but “$10 off” is a significant saving and will motivate more people to redeem your coupon.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Business: Tsunami Car Wash

Tsunami car wash coupon

This car wash coupon features their “FREE Express Wash on your Birthday”. This creates a sense of urgency for customers to use the coupon before they miss out on the service.

Urgency is what makes people act today instead of next week or never. When customers are afraid to miss out then a lot of roadblocks go out the window. You can take advantage of this behavior by creating a sense of urgency and help boost redemption rates by adding an expiration date or tying it to a holiday or special event.

So how is offering a “Free” birthday wash working out for Tsunami Car Wash you may ask. This is what they had to say about it, “This is the best advertising we use. In fact, we really don’t use anything else to promote our car wash. We just renewed 2 of our stores and added 3 new stores! We’ve been with the program for 10 years, I recommend RTUI to other businesses.”

Find out how RTUI can help you get results like Tsunami Car Wash.

3. Clear Business Information

Business: Genie Car Wash

genie car wash coupon

This coupon, and all others for local businesses, should list the business name, address, phone number, and possibly even a website address.

I know it seems I’m stating the obvious, but making sure your business information is clearly displayed on your coupon ensures that the customer knows exactly who you are and where to find you. This car wash even includes the landmark to look for in addition to the address. This is especially helpful depending on where the customer received the coupon.

Including all of this information is effective, because the owner had this to say about the results of this coupon, “We have been with the register tape coupon program for many years. Year after year advertising with RTUI has been a big part of our success. Our ROI is great and handing out our offer every day brings us name recognition and results.”

4. Highlight Value

Business: Express Car Wash

express car wash coupon

Other than the fact that this car wash coupon looks like a lottery scratch-off and would surely grab someone’s attention, it includes regular prices and car wash features so the customer knows exactly what kind of deal they’re getting.

Listing the features of the packages along with the regular price the customer would pay without this coupon truly highlights the value of this car wash coupon. The details included can help the customer make an informed decision regarding which wash they’d prefer and set expectations of the price and services they’ll receive.

5. Bright Colors & Prominent Pricing

Business: Jack’s Car Wash

jack car wash coupon

The prices are what stands out first on this coupon, but this, combined with bright colors, is what makes it so eye-catching.

The owner of Jack’s Car Wash says, “The return on my investment is excellent. I’ve been with the program for 10 plus years and just renewed. Customers leave the store and drive in for car washes all day, every day! I recommend RTUI to other businesses.”

Bright colors can make anything “pop”, but it needs to be used in the right combinations or it can look just awful. Having the customer’s eyes drawn immediately to the pricing will signal “discount” to the brain, and since it tells you exactly how much the wash will cost, people don’t even have to do the math.

How to Get Your Car Wash Coupon Distributed

No matter how valuable your coupon, if your customers don’t know about it then they can’t redeem it.

Register Tapes Unlimited at IndoorMedia offers an advertising program that will place your car wash coupon on the back of grocery store receipts right within your local community. Those receipts (with your coupon on the back) will then be handed to over 20,000 shoppers per week that live and work just minutes away from your car wash. How’s that for distribution?

Register tape advertising is a proven way to reach thousands of potential new customers by getting your coupon into the very hands that you’re trying to target.

Find an Advertising Partner

With a saturation of car washes in the market, it can be hard for your particular car wash to stand out from the crowd. But offering car wash coupons and following the tactics used by these examples can get you noticed.

It’s not enough to have a great coupon, you need an advertising partner like RTUI that will get them to the right people.

Ready to get started? Request a quote and let us help you design a great ad that will drive customers right to your car wash.
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