14 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

low cost marketing ideas

No marketing firm? No problem. Even inexperienced marketers can use effective marketing strategies without spending a dollar. Here are 14 small business marketing suggestions that you and your team may action right away.

1. Use drip marketing to convert leads into customers.

A drip campaign is a series of emails sent automatically on a set timetable in response to a pre-determined online action. Don’t worry; it’s a lot easier than it appears.

For example, if you own a yoga studio, you could automatically send a welcome email whenever a new lead joins your email list. They may receive emails introducing them to your teachers over the next week, outlining your class offers, and inviting them to a free introductory class.

Drip campaigns are a simple way to keep leads engaged when they’re actively looking for your product or service. AWeber and Pabbly, both of which offer automation with their free plans, can walk you through the process of creating each email in your sequence and setting up your trigger. Emails will then engage your leads without requiring much additional effort on your part.

2. Use email newsletters to re-engage customers.

Most marketers believe that email marketing is the most effective strategy to keep customers. You can keep existing clients (who spend 31% more than new customers) coming back by sending them regular emails with exciting information.

It’s a good idea to start with a weekly or monthly email newsletter. Then, build customer loyalty by keeping them informed about your company, current deals, industry news, and more. Use these fundamental email marketing ideas to create your first email marketing campaign.

3. Use blogging to provide value.

Blogs are great content marketing tools for establishing oneself as an expert in your field. Writing in-depth blog pieces that answer particular questions your target audience may have will help you create trust. A landscaping company, for example, might publish a blog article about artificial grass installation, explaining what it is, how to do it, how much it costs, and how professionals can assist.

Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure that your blog reaches the correct audience. For example, using keywords such as “artificial turf” and “artificial grass installation” throughout your post, referring to other pages on your site, and linking to external sites with solid domain authority can all help you rank better in search engine results pages.

4. Improve your site’s performance by optimizing it.

Website optimization is another essential SEO strategy. When it comes to establishing your rank, search engines don’t only look at your content; they also assess how user-friendly your site is. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, has well-organized navigation, and loads quickly. Reducing the size of your files can assist.

5. Use video content marketing to increase engagement.

Blogger creates video content as a marketing strategy for small businesses.

By 2023, video is predicted to account for more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic. Furthermore, Facebook and YouTube, two leading video platforms, are the most popular social networks on the planet, with TikTok on the rise.

This online marketing strategy does not necessitate professional video editing skills (or even go viral). Instead, you can utilize video using simply a smartphone camera to:

  • Conduct live Q&A sessions with potential clients.
  • Give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your company.
  • Describe a procedure (like how to fix a clog for plumber marketing)
  • Demonstrate your product

6. Use social media marketing to start dialogues.

No digital marketing discussion would be complete without including social media, which is used by 72 percent of adults in the United States. From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Snapchat, social media platforms facilitate dialogues that aid in developing brand awareness and client relationships.

Make sure you’re communicating with your potential clients on social media, in addition to publishing posts that provide value to your followers. Respond to comments and direct messages (DMs), share posts in which you’ve been tagged, and join relevant trending conversations.

7. Use a referral program to generate word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth marketing is still an effective marketing tactic, even with the power of the internet. However, direct referrals can help you receive some of the highest quality leads because more than 80% of consumers trust recommendations from family or friends.

Please don’t rely on customers to refer you on their own. Within a day or two after a client purchases from you, use your email marketing platform to generate a follow-up email request. Offer rewards for successful referrals, such as gift cards or discounts, to incentivize your consumers.

8. Encourage satisfied consumers to provide reviews.

The majority of customers believe online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. So when a customer leaves a positive review on your website, they’re essentially referring you to thousands of people all at once. However, if you want to keep earning good ratings, you must respond to all of them.

You can start managing your online reputation by responding to every review when you claim your Yelp Business Page. Thank delighted customers for their evaluations to foster loyalty, and reply to bad ones with professionalism to demonstrate your superior service. Because of your kind comments, some reviewers may even raise their star rating.

9. Collaborate with local companies

Collaboration with other brands is a terrific strategy to increase recommendations. To share exclusive referrals, only work with reliable brands that offer complementary services. A carpet cleaning company, for example, might collaborate with housekeeping and window cleaning services. This strategy allows you to reach out to people actively looking for your product or service.

10. Create a self-selling brand

Excellent branding should be a part of all your efforts, regardless of our marketing tips for small business owners you incorporate into your marketing strategy. A consistent brand experience may help you gain loyal customers, establish trust, and ensure that customers remember your company. Begin your small business branding efforts by:

  • Using the same visual identity across all marketing platforms (colors, logo, typography, etc.)
  • Using the same tone of voice across all platforms, including social media, customer service, and beyond
  • In all of your marketing campaigns, sending the same essential messages

11. Use a CRM to improve your marketing.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to keep track of client contact information, historical contacts, and more all in one location. You can provide seamless, highly tailored client experiences with a CRM. You can better target your advertising and understand your existing consumer base by collecting client data over time. When a client contacts you due to one of your campaigns, anyone on your team may pull up client details and provide tailored assistance right away.

There are numerous free CRMs available to assist small firms in making the most of their marketing efforts.

12. Use sponsored ads to reach your particular target audience.

The majority of digital ad platforms use advanced technologies to locate suitable users. Your marketing expenditures go toward individuals that suit your ideal client profile with these targeted internet advertising, and you only pay when you get a click. Furthermore, you may select your ad campaign budget, ensuring that you never overspend.

Some platforms, such as Yelp Ads, allow you to target your audience based on interests and demographics, while others, such as Facebook, target specific regions and keywords.

Your brand will appear above search results for specific phrases and areas with Yelp Ads, allowing you to grab more clicks and calls from qualified leads. Furthermore, you have complete control over your budget and only pay when a buyer clicks on your ad.

13. Enlist the help of micro-influencers

While sipping coffee, an influencer takes a selfie.

Micro-influencers, who have 1,000–10,000 followers on social media, are among the most successful boosters. They cultivate highly engaged specialized audiences who trust their suggestions, often more than big-name influencers. They’re also reasonably priced, and you can reach 10,000 users for as little as $100. Some micro-influencers may be content to accept a commission or free products or services instead of monetary compensation.

To find the relevant influencers, ask for demographic information about their audience, engagement rates, and case studies. Also, please take a look at their social media posts to get a feel of their tone and style and how they interact with the public. You want to work with someone who shares your brand’s values and mission.

14. Text messaging can help you increase your return on investment.

The average open rate for text message marketing is 98 percent, higher than any other channel. This is because texting gets your word over quickly, whether you’re providing details about a deal or inviting customers to an event. Even better, text may improve the consumer experience by providing important reminders or purchase confirmations on a convenient channel, encouraging loyalty.

The best aspect is that it is inexpensive. Compared to $1 or more per click on search engines, business text messaging providers charge as little as 1–5 cents per text.

Today is the day to expand your customer base.

You need marketing to reach more prospective customers, whether you’re a little business or the most well-known brand in town. These 14 small business marketing tips, which range from leveraging social media to gaining more reviews with a Yelp Page, will help you stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time. 

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