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Healthcare Advertising

By Anna Ruby On March 30, 2018

Show the Value of Your Practice

When people move to a new area or are looking for a second opinion, how do they choose their healthcare providers? Trusting a single person with your health can be scary, so patients want to feel a sense of trust and confidence in your abilities before they meet you in order to select you as their primary healthcare provider. Since the service quality of your practice cannot be gauged by a consumer until they become a patient, effective advertising that demonstrates the value of your services can make all the difference in growing your practice. 

Become a Celebrity in Your Neighborhood

IndoorMedia’s Cartvertising division is an annual program designed to build name recognition and trust for your healthcare practice. Our shopping cart advertising gives you maximum exposure in the one place everybody in the neighborhood goes multiple times each week. Subliminal, effective, and powerful, get started with the only grocery store advertising medium designed to make you a local celebrity.


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"My patients comment on the fact that they see me everywhere, "Oh that's my dentist!" Or, they take a picture of the cart and they post it on Facebook and tag me in it." - Dunia Korous, Millennium Smiles 

Lacerda Chiropractic Testimonial.jpg

"Cartvertising has been a great marketing tool for my business. People tell me all the time that they see me on the carts at Safeway and I'm only on 40% of carts, too. It's funny, I get all kinds of patients that say "I didn't buy the ice cream or cookies because you were watching me." So I get to influence my community to make healthier choices without even saying anything. Thanks Cartvertising for making my community a healthier place to live!" - Dr. Lacerda, Lacerda Chiropractic, Inc. 

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