How Impressions Work Into Your Advertising Strategy


Your business won’t succeed without brand awareness and audience engagement. Increasing your reach and impressions through advertising grows your brand awareness and can boost your sales. 

Experienced advertisers like IndoorMedia understand the importance of impressions in your physical and digital advertisements, including your social media strategies. Our staff can help your business increase impressions and brand awareness by advertising your products and services.

What are Impressions?

Impressions are a marketing and advertising term that refers to the number of times your content is viewed. Sometimes impressions are also called ad views. Impressions are not the same as your reach.

What is an impression measuring? When you count impressions, you’re measuring the total number of times a user views your advertisement or piece of content. So, for example, if one user views your ad twice and another user views it once, you’ll have three total impressions.

The user doesn’t have to engage or interact with the ad in any way. Instead, just viewing the advertisement counts as an impression. Impressions counts are used by marketers for ads in physical locations and digital content and ads online through websites and social media platforms.

Why Impressions are Important

Impressions are an important metric used to track the costs of a marketing campaign. Advertisements are charged based on the rate of impressions, so knowing the total impression count helps businesses determine campaign costs.

They’re also used to measure how effective a campaign is. The more impressions the advertisement gets, the more successful the campaign is. Many digital marketing services use analytic tools to measure the number of impressions your campaign receives. 

The Difference Between Impressions and Reach

Marketers understand the importance of increasing your business’ impressions and reach, but you may not know what each term refers to. The main difference between reach and impressions is how views are measured.

Impressions measure the number of times all users viewed your content, while reach measures the number of unique users viewing your content. For example, if user A views your content twice, and user B views it once, your number of impressions is three, and your reach is two. 

Your reach measures the total number of users who view the ad, while impressions count how many times users view your ads and content.

Using Impressions in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, impressions are used to quantify digital engagement and views. Impressions in digital marketing measure the views of online ads and any digital content, including web content like blogs, email marketing campaigns, and posts on social media platforms.

Any time a user loads digital content, it counts as an impression. Impression tracking tools measure every time a user views the content to calculate the total number of impressions made by a piece of content. For example, impressions are made every time you open an email, scroll through your news feed on Facebook, or look at a blog post on your favorite website.

Some businesses believe they can only get impressions by paying for them, but that’s not the case. With digital marketing, you don’t always have to pay for impressions. Instead, your business can increase impressions at no cost through free advertising platforms on Facebook and other social media companies.

 Impressions in Social Media

Social media platforms are a great advertising tool for businesses. They offer paid ads and free advertising options to fit every business’ needs. In addition, you can create business accounts and have full control over what content and ads your business generates on social media.

Marketing through social media is a great way to win millennial business. This demographic has money to spend, and you’re more likely to catch their eye using the platforms they spend the most time on. 

Your company can use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to increase your reach and impressions with millennials and other generations. A social media marketer can optimize your business’ social media accounts by creating and posting content strategically to increase impressions and engagement.

You can monitor the success of your social media ads and content by using social media analytics. These tools measure different metrics, including your number of social media impressions. Each platform measures impressions in its own way.

Facebook measures impressions by the number of times your business’ ad appears on the screen in 24 hours. Instagram impressions are counted every time a user sees a picture, story, or views an IGTV video. Likewise, Twitter counts every view of a tweet or a reply to a tweet as an impression. 

Your number of impressions on social media lets you know when a post is popular and what topics your audience is more likely to engage with. It can help you plan future content and decide what products or services to advertise.

Increasing your impressions and engagement through social media is a smart way to increase the awareness of your products or services and boost your sales.

How IndoorMedia Helps Boost Your Impressions

Your company relies on advertisements to grow your audience and sell your products and services. Digital marketing and social media platforms offer companies like yours convenient ways to increase their impressions and engage more with their audience. 

Social media companies like Facebook and Instagram let your business advertise for free, but they’re not the only marketing strategies you should use. When using Instagram or Facebook for small business marketing posts, pair these wider-reaching digital ads with targeted local advertising for the best results. 

Marketing companies like IndoorMedia understand how to reach a wide audience for hyper-local advertising. Our proven grocery store marketing techniques have helped businesses like yours grow their impressions for over 30 years. Contact us today to set up an advertising strategy for your business. 

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