How to Get Your Product to Stand Out at the Checkout Line

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The grocery store checkout aisle is a competitive place. It’s not just the big brands fighting for your customer’s attention, but also small items like candy and gum. Packaging design and product positioning are two ways for your product to stand out in this crowded space.  You can also use digital marketing and in-store grocery store marketing to promote your product. These tactics can help drive local customers to check out your product in the grocery store and increase sales. 

How to Define Your Marketing Strategy for Your Product

As you reset your marketing strategy for your in-store product sales, you need to determine what success looks like. You can ask yourself some of the following questions for your marketing strategy:
  • Who is your target audience? They could be existing customers in the local community or individuals from a niche demographic that you’ll need to engage through flashy visual marketing tactics. 
  • What is your goal for growth in your marketing strategy? It may be reaching more potential customers, or perhaps you’re hoping to re-engage with existing consumers who haven’t bought from you or used your services lately. 
  • How can you best reach your potential consumers? You can take inspiration from some restaurant marketing tactics for your marketing strategy.  
Your strategy should incorporate both long- and short-term goals. For example, you may attract customers using coupons to promote your limited-time offers on products. Then, as soon as the deals are done, build a loyalty program to keep them coming back.

Ideas for Making Your Product Stand Out in the Checkout Line

To stand out in the checkout line, you need a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy that still includes retail marketing and grocery store marketing ideas. Here are some marketing tips to help you get more customers to buy your products in-store, whether at a small business, retail store, or a major grocery store. 

In-Store Events

You can host in-store events, giving away free samples in collaboration with the grocery store’s owners. These events can be based on a creative theme, such as the holidays.  Promote these free samples on social media to drive traffic to the location on the day of your event. As a result, your customers will plan their grocery shopping trips around your events and even pick up more of your products when they go into the checkout line.  When you attract people to your in-store event, you increase foot traffic, inadvertently boosting sales. This also allows you to demonstrate your brand’s mission and ideals outside of the typical storefront.

Social Media Outreach

Social media is a great way to get creative and share your recipes, photos, or videos of how you use your products that can be found in the checkout line. For example, if you sell organic nutrition bars, you can showcase ways to make them taste more delicious, like heating them in the microwave.  In addition, you can promote free samples, special offers, discounts, and exclusive limited-time deals on social media.  Take advantage of social media to interact with your followers beyond posting online grocery promotions and offers. For example, you can talk with your customers and answer their questions in real-time. That way, when they come across your product at the checkout counter, they feel confident enough to make a purchase. 

Incorporate a Loyalty Program

Many grocery stores offer loyalty programs to reward clients who stick with the company regardless of the competition. There are a variety of basic rewards for loyalty programs, from exclusive deals to promotions to swag, like branded grocery bags and your product.  They may also receive an additional 15% discount on each transaction or free food samples every month for referrals. Promoting your grocery store products through a loyalty program is a great way to keep customers motivated to buy.  

Shopping Cart Advertising 

You can promote your product through grocery cart advertising. With your product on a shopping cart, you can reach out to potential clients on their weekly shopping trips, giving your business targeted local exposure.  Potential customers will remember your product’s name and are more likely to trust it when it appears to be endorsed by the grocery store. This concept creates a level of trust with buyers, so when they come across your products at the checkout, they’re ready to pull the trigger.

Discounts and Limited-Time Price Reductions

Effective marketing for grocery stores is not about one-upping the competition with huge discounts. It’s all about being relevant and interesting enough to get people to take action. Consider the motivations of your customers as you set the discount amount for your product.  A limited-time price reduction can also drive sales. Promotional offers and sales of off-the-shelf products become more successful when tagged with the term “limited-time” or “temporary.” Sometimes just a 20% discount on the price tag encourages more potential customers to buy your product because they believe they’re saving money. 

Use Grocery Store Marketing to Your Advantage

You can get your product noticed by participating in in-store events and offering discounts or limited-time price reductions. Also, try to get your product or brand name included in as many grocery store areas as possible, so customers are familiar with the name and brand colors by the time they come across the product at check out.  Figure out what works for customers at your local grocery store with the help of IndoorMedia’s hyperlocal marketing plans. By experimenting with different advertising methods and tracking the resulting sales data, you can determine which marketing schemes encourage customers to buy. 

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