How to Make a Hair or Nail Salon Coupon

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This pandemic has led many salons to get creative with their advertising. That being said, even before this year of lockdowns and business closures, hair and nail salons have always had to find interesting ways to get a leg up on their competition.  From highlighting their best work to curating a confident social media presence, beauty insiders are often leading the way in smart, trendy advertising.  Social media and email marketing can be a great way to lure past clients back in, but how do you get new customers through the door? More often than not, local businesses turn to coupon advertising, and salons are no different.  Offering a special on a new manicure service or an unbeatable price on a trim and blowout package could be enough to win some new sales — but there’s more to it than that.  After you select the sales promotion you want to run, it’s important to take full advantage of the advertising space your coupon offers. It’s crucial to narrow in on your business’s most important information because you want to make sure you’re presenting that front and center. Below, we’ll review everything you should include in your hair and nail salon coupons.

 What to Include

 There are many components you may take for granted but are essential to the effectiveness of your coupons. Among those are your company’s name, logo, and contact info. Once you format these into your first coupon, you’ll have a template you can use in the future, and coupon advertising will be one step easier.  Hopefully, you’ve already finalized your business name and logo, but you may have to adapt them to fit the space you’re advertising in. If your logo includes a large image, you may decide to pull the colors from that image to make a color scheme to use instead. That way, you’ll save a little space on your final project.

 Contact Info

 Today, when you’re building a coupon, there’s a lot of different contact info you may want to include. If you have a website and full social media presence, narrow in on which platforms you want to promote or use a shortened version of your company’s full URL.  When advertising locally, you may choose to post the cross streets your business is located on, or even just the neighborhood, instead of your full address.  Most customers will search for your business online once they see your ad, so it may be better only to include the information they’ll need to find your online profile. Some companies even choose to say, “Find Us Online!” to save even more space. Of course, a phone number and address are pretty essential bones in your ad, but if you’re worried about saving space, you may have to choose between what you’ve found customers really use to find you.

 Offer and Terms and Conditions 

 If you’re putting out a coupon, you’re advertising a special. Try to devote ample space to this as your offer is what should catch your customer’s eye. Some offers are better than others. These coupon offers are most successful:    
  •  Flat Price: $9.99 Cut and Trim
  • Percentage Off: 20% Off Spa Treatments
  •  FREE is always a winner! This could be a Free eyebrow wax with a regular priced manicure or Buy One Get One Free hair products.
 Don’t forget your terms and conditions! Printing these legibly is important as you don’t want to accidentally give away too much at a discount because you didn’t put enough limitations on the offer.

 Coupon Design 

 As mentioned, you’ll want to highlight your special to get your customers’ attention. You can do this by presenting it in a big, bold font but make sure to put a small amount of text or even just the price in that formatting. Otherwise, your coupon may look too busy, and consumers won’t take the time to read it.  Using too many different colors is another way your coupon could quickly become too busy. Try to commit to the color scheme you laid out at the start or another simple scheme that plays off your logo.  Interestingly enough, psychologists have found that different colors trigger different emotional responses. Doing a little research may allow you to find the right calming scheme for a spa service or a bold and exciting format for a trendy service advertisement. Here is one article that summarizes these findings, but don’t be afraid to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal.


 In your coupon, your logo will serve as your main means of branding. If you’re unsure the logo you selected when you first opened your doors aligns with the business you want to run today, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Businesses are constantly adapting to compete with others in the changing seasons.  Every business owner needs to have a little flexibility to keep themselves going, so this could be a great opportunity to realign your branding with the business you want to run.

 Reaching Customers With Your Hair or Nail Salon Coupon

 Once you’ve finalized your design, it’s time to figure out where you want to advertise. You could consider online coupon sites, paid social media, or even direct mail envelopes.  However, if your coupon is offered to viewers even a dozen miles from your salon, you may have trouble getting them in the door.  If you’re thinking about running a print campaign, you’ll need to take printing costs into account. These can quickly add up, and you could find yourself with a huge bill and no guarantee of new sales.  Instead, look into easy hacks like grocery store advertising, which allow you to circumvent these issues.

 Hyper-Local Advertising 

 If you choose to look into grocery store advertising, you’ll get to focus on a hyper-local audience because grocery stores typically draw customers in from a three-mile radius.  On average, grocery stores see 20,000 customers every week, with some returning multiple times a week. That’s a huge audience for your coupon and relatively guarantees you’re hitting thousands of new customers.  At IndoorMedia, we partner with grocery stores to print coupons on their register tape. That means huge savings for local businesses in ink and paper and also guarantees that every customer that shops there walks out with your coupon in their pocket.  Using your coupon as an effective supermarket advertisement is one of the best hacks for local businesses and part of why so many hair and nail salons have already started doing this.

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