How to Super Size Earnings for Your Fast Food Restaurant

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Fast food restaurants offer convenient ways to make meals for people who prefer quick service compared to traditional cuisine when they dine out. Fast food companies have regional and national marketing strategies. However, independent, quick-service restaurants must think outside of the usual guide to restaurant marketing to establish local rapport. As a result, innovative marketing ideas for fast food businesses remain critical. Launching restaurant advertising campaigns can help you build relationships with the local community. Using direct mail and coupons, you can increase the number of people who visit your restaurant. 

 Build a Website

People will research your restaurant before ordering from you or visiting your business in person, and this is a great time to begin engaging with potential customers. Your website is prime real estate to show professional images and videos of your menu items on your website to attract customers. 
  • Optimize your website for search engines such as Google to ensure it appears at the top of the results when people search for businesses nearby. You can use local SEO keywords such as “fast food restaurants near me.” 
  • Add your website to your Google Business Profile to make it easier for customers to find and learn more about you.
  • Publish interesting and relevant blog posts on your website. When you write blogs, link to other pages on your website and external sites that are not competitors.  

Get Mobile

Everyone has a mobile device, so fast food restaurants need a mobile marketing strategy. It may be as simple as optimizing a website for mobile devices. Online tools are available to create and send high-quality commercial text messages to your customers. Text messaging campaigns can include:
  • Updating your loyal customers about exclusive deals and discounts
  • Offering personalized offers to your customers to make them more willing to buy from you
  • Updates to your menu and information about seasonal menu items

Promote Your Online Presence on Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is one of the most effective fast food marketing strategies nowadays because everyone uses social media. Facebook dominates the social media landscape among 77% of people aged 30 to 49 and 73% aged 50 to 64. Most 18- to 29-year-olds use Snapchat or Instagram, and nearly half use TikTok.  Taking advantage of these social media marketing strategies for fast food to increase your customer base can help your business grow.

Interact with customers 

Engage in social media because people are drawn to companies that are active online. To stay in touch with your followers, update your social media accounts regularly with information about your food and specials.

Get noticed 

Become more visible on social media by running sponsored ads. Social networks such as Facebook allow you to further refine your ads based on demographic parameters such as age, interests, and other factors.

Hold a contest 

A social media contest can be a great way to jumpstart your fast food digital marketing campaigns. For example, you can have customers tag your restaurant and use a branded hashtag for advertising your restaurant on social media.

Create a Loyalty Program

Your fast-food marketing strategy should include offering loyal customers an incentive to encourage them to return for more food. You can do this by rewarding loyal customers with more value. Create a loyalty program based on points so that customers receive special discounts and deals as they build their points with every visit. You may even offer free combination meals, upgrades or add-ons, and free delivery. Discounts and savings are important to loyal customers, but they also value the personal touch. They may appreciate getting a free meal or a percentage off their meal on their birthday.  A loyalty program can provide members with priority service and early access to new menu items. These can be high-tiered awards or be readily available to members.

Direct Mail Still Works

Reaching out to potential and regular customers can help gain business for quick-service restaurants through direct mail advertising. Direct mail is appealing because of its tangible nature and induces customers to remember your restaurant. Here are some ways direct mail can help your restaurant gain new customers. Direct mail can build a buzz around your new food from the moment you open the doors for business.

Send loyalty cards to long time customers 

You can send a postcard with a loyalty card to your regular clients to promote your restaurant. Adding their names improves the likelihood of your campaign’s success by making your long-time customers feel valued.

Mail out menus and coupons that inspire action 

You can also mail out takeout menus and discounts to consumers. Your direct mail may also promote limited-time offers, encouraging customers to come to your store and use the coupons.

Distribute Paper Coupons

One of the biggest mistakes in advertising your fast food restaurant is not using coupons for your fast food restaurant. A discount or coupon persuades 30% of customers to dine at a restaurant or pick up food. However, the fast-food industry has been offering coupons for decades, and you can use them to help improve your restaurant’s bottom line.

Use receipts 

You can place your coupons on the backs of grocery store receipts. It makes sense to put them there since consumers prefer to order from nearby fast-food restaurants and buy locally. 

Bounce back certificates 

Bounce back certificates are one of the tactics fast-food restaurants encourage repeat business. You might offer customers these certificates they can use only for dinner at your fast food restaurant to increase sales.

Increase Your Earnings With Better Marketing Efforts

You can market your business successfully within your local community by incorporating these fast food marketing ideas into your advertising strategy. Making your brand name visible with online marketing and direct mail strategies can spread customer awareness.  Your business can excel by being creative and continuously thinking of ways to reach out to customers looking to save money at local fast-food restaurants.

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