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Establish a Foundation of Trust

As an insurance agent, building familiarity with consumers well before they need your service is an integral part of making the final sale. An established foundation of trust can make all the difference when a person’s policy expires or a life-changing event occurs and they’re looking to buy from their friendly neighborhood agent. To lay this foundation, you need to put your business front and center of consumers’ attention and our insurance marketing agency can help make that happen with SEO, PPC, shopping cart ads, and more!

Why Shopping Cart Advertising Works


Shopping cart ads are recommended by our insurance marketing agency because for at least 43 minutes each visit, your brand is placed inches away from shoppers’ fingertips. Each time they place an item in the seat, your face is there. Every time they pass another shopper, your face stares at them from the front. Shopping cart ads work because they are impossible to miss, and an insurance agent that has a strong local presence is one consumers feel they can trust.


If you sell house, auto, life insurance, or the like, your best prospects are just regular people. While it may feel difficult at times to reach the masses, shopping cart advertising allows you to reach a large group of consumers in a hyper-targeted manner. Everybody goes to the grocery store, and they usually don’t travel more than 3-5 miles to get to one. With shopping cart ads, you know that your brand is being shown to nearly every single person that lives in your neighborhood.


Did you know that the average shopper visits the grocery store 1.5 times a week? At minimum! That means your brand is exposed to the same consumers over and over again each week. This frequency is hard to beat with other advertising mediums other insurance marketing agencies often use.

Best Practices for Shopping Cart Advertising

Stay in Your Neighborhood

When starting your shopping cart advertising campaign it’s best to start in your immediate neighborhood. Focus on targeting shoppers within 3-5 miles of your office. People who live in this hyperlocal area are qualified to use your services and may already be familiar with your local presence. By advertising to this group of consumers, you are reinforcing your messaging which leads to more trust and more sales.

Choose Your Placement

Shopping cart advertisements are generally placed in one of three locations:

  • “Front” – The outside baby seat display that faces up when the carts are stacked
  • “Directory” – The inside baby seat display on the left-hand side when pushing the cart
  • “Header” – The inside baby seat display on the right-hand side when pushing the cart

Your brand can be featured on one, or all three, of these portions of the baby seat. The “Front” is what every shopper sees when pulling their cart from the corral and what other shoppers see as they’re pushing their cart around the store. The “Directory” and “Header” ads are right in front of the shopper’s face as they shop. The more placements you take, the better. But hurry! Inventory may not be available if you wait too long.

Share an Obvious Message

Your bright beautiful shopping cart ad may grab people’s attention, but if your message isn’t obvious, consumers won’t know what action to take. The goal of our insurance marketing agency experts is to make a strong first impression that shoppers will remember, so avoid cluttering your ad with too many selling points. If everything stands out, nothing will stand out. Instead, highlight one central message that will stick in the shopper’s mind.

Ideally, your ad should answer these five questions:

  1. What is my business’s name?
  2. What do we do?
  3. Where are we located?
  4. How can you contact us?
  5. What makes my business special?

Choose the Right Partner

IndoorMedia’s Cartvertising division is an annual program designed to build name recognition and trust for your insurance agency. Our insurance marketing agency has experience helping you pick the right store, the best placement on the carts, and design a clear and compelling ad. Subliminal, effective, and powerful, get started with the only grocery store advertising medium designed to build trust for your agency.


Cartvertising at IndoorMedia



grocery store shopping cart advertisement for geico in north las vegas

“Since our advertising message went on the shopping carts, we have had a measurable increase in new sales in the neighborhoods surrounding this store. Thanks for contacting us about renewing our program!” – Hugh Hamilton, Geico

grocery store shopping cart advertisement for de asis insurance agency

“Having a presence at Safeway near where my office is located has helped generate walk-ins. The growth has been steady and constant. When my current clients see my advertising at Safeway, I will sometimes get a photo text messaged to me of my actual advertisement saying , “Guess who I went shopping with!?” My clients get a kick out of seeing my advertisement, and I believe it also gives them a sense of pride knowing that their agent has a strong presence in the community.” – Chris de Asis, Farmers Insurance

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