How to Promote Your Restaurant Takeout Business

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Many customers may feel better eating takeout than visiting your restaurant in person due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, in 2020, loyal customers spent twice as much on takeout meals compared to those who were not members. This underscores the importance of promoting takeout as a restaurant business.  Some creative restaurant promotion ideas can help promote your restaurant takeout business to keep your customers coming back. You can try these restaurant marketing ideas to spread the word about your takeout business and reach more potential customers.

3 Marketing Basics for Your Takeout Business

As a restaurant owner, you can rely on a guide to restaurant marketing to help you. You can update your restaurant marketing plan with some fundamental local restaurant advertising basics, which include:

1. Put Your Brand Identity on Your Takeout 

Don’t be afraid to use unique restaurant marketing tactics to reach your customers. For example, use your company’s logo, colors, or marketing taglines on your takeaway containers. You can also use them on your receipts.  If you have a food truck, make sure it reflects your brand identity’s visual aspects of colors and logo. Then, you can park it in a high-traffic area to bring in more people and help make them familiar with your takeout business. 

2. Promote Discounts During Slow Business Times

Don’t give discounts to attract new customers when your business is busy. Instead, focusing on specials and promotions is best during slow periods to promote your takeout items. For example, you can advertise lunch delivery discounts if you get a lot of dinner delivery orders but few lunch orders. 

3. Use Multiple Channels to Reach Customers

Customers feel more comfortable ordering takeout when you are transparent about your promotions. You can promote your offerings with a website, email newsletters, and social media. They are more likely to hear about deals if you use omnichannel strategies across platforms like Facebook ads or Instagram campaigns. 

Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Work for Takeout 

There are a few ways to promote your takeout service using digital marketing for food delivery. Here’s what you can do: 

Set Up Paid Advertising

You can use Facebook ads and Google ads to target people more likely to order takeout. They can promote seasonal events and holidays like family-style takeout dinners for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can also use them to intrigue your customers with menu items available only for takeout. You can update your business listing on Google My Business to show that you are open for takeout. In addition, through your Google business profile, you can update your takeout hours and even accept online food orders. 

Create a Loyalty Program

One of the most popular restaurant promotion ideas is a loyalty program. One in every three customers will pick a restaurant with a loyalty program over one without one. Restaurant loyalty programs are not only a requirement for customers; they are crucial to your continued success. 

Use QR Codes 

You can also add QR codes to your receipts and takeout containers for your customers to scan on their mobile devices. You can add QR codes to your direct mailing campaigns, such as flyers and postcards.  The QR codes can contain limited-time offers, ongoing deals, and sign-ups for your email list or loyalty program. You can also put your menu into them so that your customers can order again. 

Send Email Marketing Campaigns

You can send out email campaigns that include a link to your website and specials for free meals, discounts, or coupons. These emails should inform your customers of new dishes and upcoming events so they can book a pickup in advance.  Email campaigns can also be helpful to thank existing customers for their continued loyalty. You can even send these after customers order takeout to make them feel appreciated. The community will recognize you as a takeout business that cares about its customers. 

Invite Influencers to Review Your Takeout

You can invite food bloggers in your area to review your takeout items to gain more exposure for your business. You can reach out to them over social media, blog, or email to let them know about your takeout menu and ask if they are interested in creating a review.  Ensure they have a pleasant customer service experience when they come to your business for takeout. If they write a positive review, you can promote it through your marketing campaigns, including social media. 

Connect on Social Media

As part of your restaurant marketing 2021 strategy, you can promote your takeout menu through social media feeds. In addition, you can share photos, videos, and posts about these important messages on social media:
  • Current takeout hours and phone number to call ahead for pick up
  • Pictures of takeout-only menu items 
  • Community efforts such as food donations to nonprofit organizations
  • Discounts or promotional offers
  • Current policies for takeout if needed, such as instructions for ordering takeout from your website rather than third-party takeout apps. 
You can promote your takeout menu through a social media contest. The social media contest can be as simple as asking your followers to tag two of their friends and follow your account to win the prize. You can also ask your followers to share a favorite takeout meal from your restaurant on their stories and tag you.  The prize can be a free meal or a gift card giveaway. Holding social media contests gives your takeout business a chance to spread the word to your existing customers and to those who may not be familiar with it.

Promote Your Takeout Business for Better Success

Implementing these tactics can help you promote your restaurant takeout business. With these ideas, you can be creative and constantly think of new ways to reach people looking for a place specializing in takeout that they can grab on the go. Apply what you know about running a successful restaurant to marketing your takeout service. 

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