How a Real Estate Marketing Agency Will Help You Close More Deals

close more real estate deals

Marketing is often the most important factor in determining a real estate agent’s career success. Investing in a long-term marketing strategy is essential to increasing your reach and ultimately closing more sales. 

Your go-to-market strategy must include knowing your market and customer and defining your unique value proposition to develop your goals and sales strategy. Any real estate agent working with a large firm or on their own would also benefit from a real estate marketing agency.

Although you can work with a general digital marketing agency, some of the best real estate marketing companies specialize in different aspects of marketing. Therefore, you can choose to work with a real estate marketing agency to develop a marketing strategy that’s right for you. 

What is the Role of Marketing in Real Estate?

When creating a marketing strategy, a real estate agent has two goals: 

  • Make your existence known to those interested in buying real estate
  • Convince them you are better than any other agents or agencies in your local community

When you work with a real estate marketing agency, they can help you boost your name recognition and establish yourself as a local real estate authority. There are numerous advantages to working with a marketing agency specializing in real estate advertising:

Understands real estate marketing regulations

Federal and state laws regulate real estate advertising to prevent discrimination against homeowners. Professional real estate marketers help you show the value you offer while adhering to legal advertising standards. 

Knows how to build an online presence

Real estate agents know that networking on social media, knowing your audience, and investing in your audience are all part of a comprehensive small business marketing plan. The agency can also include paid online advertising, shopping cart advertising, and other sorts of marketing in your realtor advertising strategies.

Helps boost lead generation and conversion rates

Real estate marketing agencies recognize that all buyers have different timelines when buying a house: some will want to close in a week, while others may take several months. Having many leads in the pipeline at all times is critical for real estate agents. Look at conversion rates based on the number of contracts signed to determine the success of a marketing campaign.

What Do Real Estate Marketing Companies Do?

These real estate marketing companies provide value to their clients and help with their marketing efforts by providing these online marketing services.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Understanding the Google algorithm and helping your website rank highly may be challenging. An SEO strategy involves incorporating specific words and phrases into your website for Google to rank it higher in the search results. Then, marketing agencies can use those keywords to develop unique, high-quality content that attracts visitors to your site.

Web design

When homebuyers search for listings on your website, it’s critical that it loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and provides the information they need. You will work with your marketing agency to create a website that conveys your unique narrative, including logos and colors, along with SEO-friendly content that targets your local market.

Email marketing

An effective marketing strategy for realtors is email marketing, which can help you start a natural, engaging dialogue with potential clients. For example, your campaigns might include newsletters of open houses, mortgage news, and new property listings. Using a real estate marketing agency may streamline your email marketing campaigns based on who is opening your emails and who is not. 

Paid advertising

Marketing agencies will emphasize the importance of digital marketing for real estate. Since 51% of home buyers find their homes online, consumers usually turn to digital listing first when looking for real estate opportunities. For this reason, it is even more essential to develop effective paid advertising strategies that take advantage of Google’s strengths.

Social media marketing 

Social media marketing offers you a unique way to reach customers and prospects. Facebook marketing for real estate agents is important, but emerging platforms such as TikTok have also gained traction. You can use social media marketing to expand your reach as part of your ongoing online media strategies.

Video production

Video marketing is an excellent way for real estate agents to leave a lasting impression on buyers and sellers, with over 58% of American smartphone users watching video content on social media platforms. The agency may help you educate your audience by creating video ads and posting them on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Print advertising 

Real estate businesses can advertise in the real estate sections of local newspapers or magazines and send direct mail announcements to people in targeted neighborhoods. They can also print ads on grocery store receipts and carts for a wider reach within the community. Although there are many digital marketing strategies, print advertising can also drive website visits because nearly 30% of people who see a print ad eventually go to the advertiser’s website.

Real Estate Marketing Companies Can Increase Your Success

Real estate marketing plays a vital role in the real estate industry, so you need a marketing agency with industry knowledge, marketing tools, and advertising skills to help you achieve your goals. Understanding what services real estate marketing agencies provide enables you to improve your marketing efforts and complete more deals.

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