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As a real estate agent, you want to make home buyers’ dreams come true by finding them a home that matches their needs and budget. To achieve this goal, you need to reset your marketing strategy and implement powerful marketing ideas to help your clients find their future homes.

Whether you are starting your own real estate business or have been in the industry for a while, practical real estate marketing ideas are crucial for promoting your listings and increasing lead generation. Your real estate firm will experience more growth when you leverage the immense potential of real estate advertising with these marketing ideas. 

Feature Local Events and Happenings in Your Blog

Your real estate marketing strategy should include starting a blog on your real estate website and publishing relevant content. To improve your ranking in search engines, ensure you use local-focused keywords throughout your blog posts and website content. 

Besides local real estate news and open house announcements, your blog posts can also highlight what’s happening in the local area. Of course, your target audience wants to know about the neighborhood, including local events, new restaurants, and recreational opportunities. You can also give home buyers a local perspective by telling them about your favorite places for dining or recreation in the area. 

Publish on Other Websites

Content marketing is an excellent bulletproof real estate marketing tactic for generating traffic to your blog and website. Publish content on authoritative sites like Quora and Medium that links back to your site with comparable but accessible information. Include links to your website and blog on third-party sites to allow potential clients to learn more about you and your business.

Create Landing Pages for Individual Real Estate Listings

Creating a landing page for your listing is another effective way to advertise your business online. Buyers can explore a single property landing page to learn more about it, including the home’s features and layout. 

On the landing page, you should also include a link to your website so that visitors can learn more about comparable properties in the area. When they visit your site, they are more likely to contact you about viewing other properties or listing their own. With a single property landing page, agents can help their customers list their homes online without competing with other listings on third-party real estate sites. 

Ask for Client Testimonials

When it comes to easy & effective real estate marketing ideas, you can ask a satisfied home buyer if they would like to write a review. Showing that happy home buyers approve of your services means everything to potential clients looking to see if you are a trustworthy real estate agent. It would be ideal to take a picture of them in front of the sold sign on their new property as a visual reminder of what you can achieve for clients. Share these testimonials on social media and post them on your website for a wider reach.

Go Live on Social Media with Virtual Tours  

You can connect with millions of people and introduce your business using social media. Besides running social media ads like Facebook ads, live streams showing virtual tours inside homes are a valuable method of marketing for real estate agents

Highlight notable aesthetic features and advantages as you walk around the property. Then, engage your viewers by answering questions they might have in the comments section. If they stick around until the end of your live stream, you can offer them gift cards for lunch at a local restaurant or tickets to an event in the community.  

Print Unique Business Cards

Make use of outside-the-box real estate marketing ideas like creating unique business cards. Besides including your email address and phone number, QR codes are useful additions to real estate business cards. Leads who scan the QR code with their smartphone’s camera can visit your website or an updated list of properties for sale. 

To make your business distinctive among other real estate agencies, include a stylish graphic of a local landmark on your business cards. If you specialize in real estate properties, such as townhouses, your business card can feature an image of a townhouse. 

Your business cards become more personable when you include your headshot on them. This helps clients put a face to the name, ensuring they won’t forget you when they’re ready to buy or sell a property. 

Partner With Local Businesses

Another way to set yourself apart in the real estate industry is to get involved in the community. Connect with other professionals at networking events, join the local Chamber of Commerce, and attend festivals to strengthen your network. 

You can then partner with local businesses such as food trucks and cafes to sponsor your open house events. They can offer discounts, snacks, and drinks to potential buyers as they explore the rooms and ask you questions. You can even stage the home using products from a local furniture store if you partner with the store for an open house. 

Advertise On Grocery Carts

While internet advertising methods abound in real estate marketing, one of the best solutions for real estate advertising involves placing your name and face in front of customers on grocery carts. Local businesses benefit from grocery cart advertising since potential leads can view the company name while grocery shopping. It also helps build brand awareness for your business and makes you seem like a trusted community member because the grocery store essentially promotes your services. 

Refresh Your Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Agency

Take advantage of an innovative real estate marketing strategy to give your company a fresh start. Keep your blog entries high-quality, use live streaming on social media, and advertise on supermarket carts to reach more real estate leads. Following these essential tips can help you provide better support to your clients on their way to becoming homeowners. 

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