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If you’ve been to this blog before, you know that we believe different businesses need different advertising solutions. A lot of this is because the sales cycle differs for different companies, so it’s important to understand where to position yourself in this process. To make it easy, we’ll quickly break this down. For any company, the sales cycle moves from Awareness to Consideration to Decision Making. Most restaurants and salons will advertise in the “Awareness Phase” because it’s easy for these businesses to introduce a new product or need to people. At the consideration phase, the customer knows they’re hungry, need a haircut, or have a problem they need to solve. Here they’re considering their options and trying to zero in on the right business to go with. At the decision phase, they’ll make their decision and select the winning company. It is obvious but worth mentioning that Realtors are not like restaurants. A customer might choose a new restaurant at a whim. Choosing a Realtor can be one of the biggest investments a potential client will make. To be top-of-mind when a prospective customer is ready to choose a Realtor, ideally, you need to have a relationship with that customer well before they decide who to call for a meeting. One way to build that relationship is through persistent advertising during the Awareness stage, and that is really where your relationship will begin. Few people will pick a Realtor at random. However, your presence in the community, the familiarity buyers and sellers have with your name, and other people’s reviews can contribute to putting you on the list of first picks.

Building Your Brand

While coupons may be a smooth option for other businesses, it’s not going to be easy to circulate a BOGO flier on homes. Because customers need to trust you before deciding to do business with you, it’s important to build your reputation in your community. This can be done through family and friend referrals, online reviews, or highlighting great testimonials from previous clients on your website. When customers see your ad or search for realtors in their area, they’ll have tangible evidence that you are reliable and trustworthy. We know that buying a home is an emotional process, and people will often shop with their hearts. Everyone talks about relying on that “gut instinct” when they see the right home, this applies to realtors as well. But intuition doesn’t form in a vacuum. If you fine-tune your campaign to present you and your team consistently and frequently, you’ll be able to shape your client’s first and last impression, helping to build the “gut” instinct your customers have of your business. In addition to repetition, standing out from the crowd also helps place you top-of-mind. Figure out what makes you and your team special. If it’s your relationship with the community, focus on that. If you’re new to the game, consider offering a referral promotion. Customers who hear about you from their friends or family are already more likely to trust you with their business, and the promise of a lower commission or expedited shopping process could be all they need to come find you.

How to Bring Your Campaign to Life

One way to make sure your community notices you are to look into real estate bus bench advertising. You’ve probably noticed the faces of other realtors when you’re driving around, and there’s no reason why you should be missing out on that kind of exposure. Over the last few decades, real estate bus bench advertising has grown tremendously, and today the medium is almost completely reserved for realtors. It’s one of the simplest and effective means of outdoor advertising. Plus, if you’re not using it, your competitor is probably claiming that coveted advertising space. Benches are landmarks in your community, so you know that you can target the shoppers you want to see as customers. Enticing locals on their commute or while they shop nearby is an easy way to become a part of their daily routine. They’ll likely view your advertisement at the same place at the same time every day, which means invaluable repetition for your brand. The more times a customer sees an ad, the more familiar they’ll become with it, and the more likely they are to remember your brand. In today’s world of social media and constant distractions, most customers have to see an ad up to seven times before they even remember it! Securing that repetition with real estate bus bench advertising will provide an invaluable source of branding and reputation for your business.

Become a Local Celebrity 

As most realtors choose to center their campaign around their own image, you may grow a little more popular than you expected. This is a great tactic, as personal images are more likely to elicit an emotional response than basic text and stats. In addition to real estate bus bench advertising, you can use a personal campaign in grocery store advertising to put your name and face in front of thousands of shoppers every week. The best way to do this is through Cartvertising, our premier branded advertising experience. Printing your ad on shopping carts is a guaranteed way to secure thousands of local impressions every day, with highly targeted advertising. Every time a customer fills their cart or moves past another shopper’s basket, they’re looking at your ad. That kind of repetition is relatively unheard of in any advertising medium, considering the average shopper visits a grocery store 2-3 times each week. Yet, the add is not annoying, it is a natural part of the shopping experience. Compare that to online options where the ad distracts from the primary content of a site. This process softens your exposure and allows customers to gaze over your image without finding it intrusive. Frankly, this is extremely important in such an emotionally charged campaign. In any other medium, you run the risk of becoming annoying and pushing customers away as they come to associate your image with an “ad.” Because supermarkets are such an ingrained part of our daily lives, grocery store advertising barely wears on customers. Instead, it just ties your image back to the community you’re serving. People are likely to see you as a constant, reliable presence in their community when they consider selling their home, and that’s going to make them more likely to trust you.  All in all, if you’re good at your job and do your best to help your clients, you can count on your reputation growing. However, real estate bus bench advertising and shopping cart ads can give your business increased exposure and credibility, boosting your already great reputation. At IndoorMedia, we’ve paired with thousands of realtors to help them create and circulate successful campaigns. We offer free quotes on our shopping cart advertising rates and have all the information you need if you’re curious about real estate bus bench advertising.

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