5 Realtor Advertising Strategies to Build Your Client Base

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Realtor advertising is nothing new. While you know that you can make clients’ home-buying or selling dreams come true, advertising spreads the message to every homeowner in your community. According to the National Association of Realtors, only 35% of a realtor’s business comes from existing customers and referrals. This means spreading your message far and wide to generate new clients is crucial to a profitable career.

To spark some inspiration, here are the top 5 realtor advertising strategies from our real estate agency marketing experts that attract customers and expand your client base.

Social Media

Although most realtors use social media to some extent, many are greatly underutilizing these vital channels. Establishing a Facebook page is a good start. The next step is to keep it regularly updated and relevant to your audience.

Of course, you should post photos or videos of your newest listings to keep potential clients informed. Additionally, you can post reviews from existing clients to really show off your great customer service.

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An active social media strategy requires a lot of time and a little hard work. But, the brand recognition you can generate with the help of our real estate agency marketing experts is a terrific complement to your other advertising tactics.


Paid Online Advertising

The internet forever changed how realtors advertise. Perhaps nowhere has that been more evident than with targeted pay-per-click and paid search advertising. Basically, you pay Google, Facebook, or other services to promote your business to web users—especially web users searching for real estate agents in your area. Paid online advertising can deliver leads and even clients, but beware—it can get costly in a hurry.


An Updated Website

A realtor’s website can be much like his or her social media presence—it’s only as good as the work put into it. On one side of the spectrum, agents who constantly update their websites with new listings, market trends, and other things that appeal to visitors tend to draw more clients. On the other side of the spectrum, a boring, static website won’t impress anyone and could lose potential clients to the competition. If you are spending money to build and maintain a website for your business, take the time to maximize its potential. Our real estate agency marketing team can help you create and maintain a modern, attractive website that drives business to you.


Beautiful Business Cards

One realtor advertising strategy that hasn’t changed over the years: an impressive business card. This traditional tactic is still crucial to promoting yourself to potential clients. With modern digital printing options, you can create a beautiful, eye-catching business card—complete with your picture, phone number, email address, website, and social media handles—and have it printed for a relatively low cost. You need people to remember you, and a high-quality business card further boosts your other advertising strategies so that can more likely happen.


Shopping Cart Advertising

Shopping cart advertising—full-color ads placed on the baby seats of shopping carts—has emerged as a powerful option for realtors to market themselves in their communities. You’ve probably even seen them at your local grocery store. These ads are simple yet crazy effective for realtor and real estate agent marketing campaigns.

Everyone needs groceries, and when they shop for those groceries, they are most likely to do so within a few miles of their home. Each trip to the store equals an opportunity to see your face on a grocery cart.

Although it may seem strange at first, this type of constant exposure is essential to building your local brand. When buying or selling property, homeowners look for a trusted adviser. Your business needs to be the literal face of trust in order to secure new clients, and shopping cart advertising is the expert in building local brand recognition.


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Check out these eye-catching real estate agency marketing strategies to keep you top-of-mind. Or, request a consultation with a shopping cart advertising consultant to learn how you can become a celebrity in your neighborhood.


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