Ten Big Impact Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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Creating a marketing plan that adds real value to your business is one of the biggest challenges for small business owners. Marketing is what brings more potential customers to your business and maintains their interest. To reach more people, you must combine offline and online marketing efforts. You can start implementing an effective marketing strategy with these ten small business marketing tips.

1. Publish SEO-Friendly Blog Content

The best low-budget marketing ideas for businesses include posting relevant blog posts on your website. While you can use location-based keywords throughout your posts, such as your town’s name and regional landmarks, there are also new opportunities to rank higher for certain keywords. For instance, it may surprise you to learn that a large number of people are searching for unique, locally-made products as gifts. If you sell these products in your store, you can write a series of blog posts with gift ideas that include them. The blog posts can also feature the artisans to create an emotional connection with your customers. When you write high-quality, informative content containing your chosen keywords many times, you are more likely to appear in search engine rankings.

2. Promote Your Coupon Through a Landing Page

Landing pages are the pages on your website that visitors arrive at after clicking a link. The main difference between landing pages and other web pages is that they encourage clients to take action when they click on a CTA (call to action) button. A landing page can direct customers to coupons. By clicking the CTA button, a customer goes to the checkout page using the coupon.

3. Send Out Valuable Emails

Your small business marketing ideas can include sending out regular emails. Use your website’s landing pages and email signup forms to capture your customers’ email addresses and add them to your email list. The emails should let your subscribers know the benefits they will receive and available discounts and sales. Providing this information in your emails helps you expand your customer base.

4. Make Videos and Promote Them

As a hair salon owner, you may find that your clients don’t want to read a long-form article on how to take care of their hair in winter. The use of videos in content marketing is extremely effective and shareable on social media. Show your customers how to care for their hair after they leave the salon by demonstrating your salon’s hair care products in a series of videos. Put a clickable link to a coupon for your products in your video to make it easier for your customers to use it.

5. Have Your Family and Friends Advocate Your Business

If looking for inexpensive marketing ideas to promote your business, look no further than your friends and family members. Give them business cards and coupons to promote your company through word-of-mouth marketing. As a part of your social media marketing efforts, invite your friends and family to a Facebook or Eventbrite event. You ask them to share the event with their personal and professional friends.

6. Distribute Your Coupons in the Real World

Coupon advertisements on postcards are a cost-effective and eye-catching way of distributing coupons. If your business has a physical storefront or sells products there, consider handing out coupons in person. Custom register tape can advertise your coupons so that clients can use them when they return to your store. To increase awareness of your coupons, use more than one distribution channel. If you use register tape for advertising coupons to an existing client base, do the same for your social media followers and email subscribers.

7. Run Contests to Promote Your Business

One of the most effective small business marketing ideas to increase consumer awareness and promote your company is hosting a contest. Your customers can receive some of your products and services for free if they do the following:
  • Tag a certain number of their friends on Instagram.
  • Write a testimonial on your Google Business Profile, Yelp list, and TripAdvisor page.
  • Provide their name and email address.
  • Come up with a witty caption to post on Instagram.

8. Send a Customer Satisfaction Survey

One of the best small business marketing ideas is to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. After a customer purchases something online, you can send them a survey. You can also have your customers fill out surveys at your storefront. They can offer positive feedback and constructive criticism, which leads to greater loyalty in the long run. It is also a great way to remind visitors of your existence and entice them to return.

9. Use Social Media to Provide Customer Service

Whenever a customer or follower asks a question on social media or through a comment, make sure you respond promptly. Maintaining an active presence on social media is a critical part of customer service for small businesses. Invest in hiring a social media manager who has experience managing followers and comments. Besides regularly posting content, community managers respond to followers’ questions and complaints. With the help of a community manager, you can build up your business’s reputation online and make it appear more trustworthy.

10. Automate Your Marketing Efforts

Business owners should automate their marketing efforts as they grow. If you want to automate your email marketing, you have more options than just scheduling your emails. Use apps for small business owners such as Boomerang to send out your emails at a later date. Canva is a popular app for creating your social media content since it has an easy-to-use interface and thousands of free templates you can use for inspiration.

Make Marketing Work for Your Business

Any marketing you take will have a positive effect on your business reputation. By combining social media, content marketing, and coupon marketing, you can boost your marketing strategy. You can build a credible brand perception through your marketing efforts and help establish your business in your community.

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