The Top 7 Blogs/Sites for Restaurant Marketing to Follow


When you own a growing restaurant, every day you strive to create a friendly atmosphere and be a part of your customers’ daily routines or perhaps even lifelong memories. To continue doing what you love, you need to stay on top of the latest in your industry and ways to increase profits.

This includes new restaurant marketing ideas and even operational tips. But, how can you find time to incorporate all of this helpful information for growing your business into your day to day routine? Look no further!  Here are seven blogs that you may want to follow for tips and trends that will help you improve your restaurant’s profitability. Go grab those reading glasses, here we go!

1.Nation’s Restaurant News

Don’t get overwhelmed at the amount of information at your fingertips when you first visit Nation’s Restaurant News. The site is stocked with excellent restaurant marketing strategies that will have your customers begging you to take their money.

You can find information about marketing concepts while also taking in some light reading with a humorous twist.

Breaking news is important in the restaurant business and Nation’s Restaurant News can help give you clever marketing tips to blow away the competition.

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Check out our Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Marketing that walks you through creating a marketing strategy to bring in new customers. 

2. Next Restaurants

The Next Restaurants blog takes a direct approach to how food establishments should market themselves. You can quickly see the heavy focus on using tech in marketing strategies and a lot of their ideas can be started quickly.

They understand that customers are becoming more and more dependent on technology. However, it doesn’t just stop there. One major restaurant marketing tip they focus on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A good SEO content strategy could be the difference between landing on page 1 of Google or on page 5 (where no one will ever see you).

Growing your customer base through the use of technology is essential to your restaurant’s growth, so why not check out the blog with the most content on the subject?

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3. Modern Restaurant Management

The Modern Restaurant Management blog is another premier resource you can use to advance your restaurant’s marketing strategy. This blog offers more than marketing for restaurant tips. It’s focused on the business of eating and all the aspects of running your restaurant with expert advice from restaurant industry pros.

A neat feature of the blog is that each post has an estimated time it should take you to read, with many falling under five minutes.

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4. The Restaurant Expert

Are you thinking about revamping your social media marketing strategies?  If so, the Restaurant Expert has some great ideas on how to stay up-to-date on the latest trends regarding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There are also several blog posts about driving more organic traffic to your website, and ways to build your customer base on a small budget.

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5. Michael Hartzell

When it comes to marketing for your restaurant, Michael Hartzell is one of the most relied upon resources in the industry. It’s a must-read for anyone serious about increasing profits for their restaurant. His ideas are forward-thinking and regularly reading his blog could give you a treasure trove of things to try out in the coming weeks and months. And you won’t just find amazing restaurant marketing tips, but there are several humorous stories to keep you entertained.

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6. GrubHub for Restaurants

GrubHub isn’t just a food delivery service giant, they have developed a blog for restaurant owners that is an excellent resource for learning how to grow profits. This blog includes helpful information on everything from improving employee relations to attracting new customers and many other important ideas on how to grow your business.

They provide the marketing information in the blog posts that will have you asking yourself “why haven’t we thought of this sooner?”  Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from some restaurant industry leaders and their experiences in this blog.

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7. The Digital Restaurant

The final website on our list is the Digital Restaurant, filled with advertising tips that can increase your profits. The first thing you notice when you get to the website is an offer to subscribe to their newsletter. Take advantage so that you can have helpful information delivered to you for reading at your leisure.

You’ll also find an offer for a free restaurant marketing checklist is an excellent free product you can use as part of a strategy in the future. Also, check out their tips for restaurant marketing in specific months of the year.

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Which resources will you use first?

Now that we have gone over the seven restaurant marketing sites you need to visit, which one is at the top of your list?

Finding the best ways to advertise in your local area is key to driving new customers through the door every single day. Learn more about some of the top restaurant marketing tactics and how to apply them to your restaurant.

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We updated this post on April 25, 2019.

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