‘Twas The Year 2020

twas the year 2020 indoormedia

A special thanks to Tim Andrews, National Sales Director with Cartvertising at IndoorMedia, for this exceptional recap of 2020! 

‘Twas the year 2020, normal as it could be. The stands full of fans as I watched on TV. They were hugging, high-fiving, and none of them guessed, soon a turn of events would create such a mess.

A virus crept in like nobody had seen. First they called it Corona, then Covid-19. Events were soon cancelled, then games and live shows. “Non-Essential” businesses, schools even closed.

I ran to the grocery store in my hometown. I grabbed a few things and looked quickly around. The aisles were packed with panicky locals. As the shelves emptied out some were extremely vocal.

I asked the store manager, “What is the issue?” He said, “It’s because we’re out of toilet tissue!” Paper towels, Kleenex, sanitizers all stripped clean. I couldn’t help thinking, “What does this mean?” Once peaceful people had become bitter rivals. To them toilet paper’s the KEY to survival. 

As I walked to the exit looking down at my cart, a face stared back. I thought, that’s pretty smart. In a desolate city with its near empty streets, this place is thriving since everyone eats.

While looking more closely, my attention was piqued by the ads on the carts and the backs of receipts. There were realtors, roofers, and auto repair. I saw plumbers and dentists on ads everywhere! In a town hunkered down where exposure is lean, they were all in a place where their message was seen. 

As the year has worn on we’ve been put to the test; record hurricanes, wildfires, and social unrest. In a world where we all should be sharing one heart, outside forces are pushing us further apart. 

As this year comes to a close we can make our own choices, to cower in fear or raise up our voices. The business is there if you’ll jump in the saddle. Just pick up your sword and join in the battle. 

As in all war, the heroes will rise. Many thanks to them all for risking their lives. The teachers and police and the brave firefighters. Doctors, nurses, and staff for pulling all-nighters. Our heroes in grocery stores, hidden smiles on their faces, while they sanitize carts at blistering paces. To restaurants and small businesses joined in the brawl, you are part of our family and we pray for you all. Although the task may seem daunting for some; adapt, improvise, and you shall overcome! 

Now I’ll proclaim better days are in sight. Merry Christmas to all! Now let’s finish this fight! Here’s to everyone having a safe and prosperous New Year. May Corona once again be just a Mexican beer!


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