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Just as online advertising has evolved, so has print. We call it Unconventional Print Advertising. IndoorMedia developed this concept over years of experimentation, and today many of our clients have come to rely on it. By combining the strengths of grocery store advertising with specific print mediums, we’ve created countless platforms for small businesses to increase their profits. Whether you’re a restaurant, realtor, nail salon, dry cleaner, or another entrepreneur we’ve got a plan you might be interested in.

Why Grocery Store Advertising?

We primarily partner with local businesses. Consequently, we’ve found through 30 years of research that grocery stores really are the best venues for advertising if your business meets a couple of key requirements. We partnered with our clients to examine their customer base and find where they shop, play, and live and couldn’t ignore the draw grocery stores have on a community. As grocery stores pull 85% of their customers from a 3-mile radius of the store, we knew that this was the perfect place for hyper-local targeting. In addition, the average shopper spends about 47 minutes in the store every time they visit. Many people visit grocery stores multiple times a week, guaranteeing businesses multiple chances to impress potential customers. Moreover, advertising within a grocery store allows you to brand your business as a key part of the community. Advertising in a place where people are already shopping, and are familiar with the ads placed in the store,  warms customers up to seeing and your local business. This careful exposure doesn’t grate on their nerves like a flier under their windshield or coupon book stuffed into their mailbox. Instead, it might just be enough to win their business and help you make an even larger name for yourself.

Grocery Store Receipt Coupons

This method is the first type of Unconventional Print Advertising in our plan. For many of our customers, high printing costs are enough to dissuade them from print advertising. Coupled with challenges around the frequency of distribution, the ROI of Traditional Print can be a challenge. We found that you can eliminate both of these frustrations by printing on the backs of grocery store receipts. Because the paper is already supplied by the store and handed out with every purchase, you know that your ad will be distributed without any hassle on your part. Plus, because it’s on the back of a customer’s receipt they’ll likely hold on to it longer than they would a regular mailer or handout. As the holidays approach, many people are counting pennies and checking over their purchases even more than usual. So, spotting a coupon on the back of their receipt will be a welcome surprise. Your carefully placed supermarket advertisement has now cut back on your advertising frustrations, and reached a new customer!

CartvertisingShopping Cart Advertising

Our Cartvertising program puts your brand on the grocery store’s shopping carts. As with any form of grocery store advertising, this medium also takes advantage of localized targeting. However, because you’re printing your ad on multiple shopping carts you’re also gaining access to increased exposure and repetition. Every time a customer sees your ad on their cart, or another shopper’s, you’re reinforcing your campaign. This is a very rare opportunity for advertisers, as all too often second impressions come hours if not days later. If a customer goes too long between viewings of your ad they can forget they saw it, and suddenly that second impression reappears as their first. For businesses, this is extremely frustrating because it means money wasted on introducing your existence, not reinforcing your brand. We know the cost of advertising is frustrating enough, why not invest in a campaign that actually works? Did you know that 20,000 shoppers go to the grocery store every week? That’s 20,000 prospective customers staring at your brand while they shop. That being said, reaching a similar number of impressions online can be expensive, and there’s no way to guarantee they even live in your area. That’s why another strength of Cartvertising is our shopping cart advertising rates. You’ll be impressed by just how affordable shopping cart advertising costs can be.

Custom Ads on Your Own Receipts

Finally, if you want to keep your campaign close to home, you should look into printing advertisements on your business’s receipts. It’s paper you’re already paying for, so why not take advantage of your assets? This is another great concept we’ve developed to minimize print advertising costs and allow small businesses to hone in on the resources they have available. While you won’t have access to all the perks of grocery store advertising, you can play on the strengths of your own business. Offering customers a discount or referral code on the back of their receipt is like handing out free dessert at the end of their stay! Suddenly they’re holding onto their receipt and keeping your business at the forefront of their mind. Additionally, if you know that your business already has a reliable customer base, you may use this opportunity to entice customers to advertise your business through word-of-mouth. For example, if you include a referral code or bonus for customers who refer new clients, they’ll be more excited to talk about your brand with their friends. When you build your clientele through such intimate exposure as word-of-mouth you inadvertently brand yourself as a reliable, community-based business, which can work to your advantage.

All in All, it’s Worth a Try

In today’s world of SEO and social media, many advertisers are starting to feel discouraged. It can be difficult for small businesses to harness the power of these platforms without shelling out major dough, and even then they’re competing with millions of other businesses. Most of those competitors could be spending 10-100 times as much as your small business can, so it can feel impossible to catch up. Luckily, there are still companies like IndoorMedia who are rooting for the little guys and have an untapped market for you to dial into. We offer free quotes on our services, as well as plenty of other easy advertising tips to help your small business show up and show out.

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