10 Effective Uses for QR Codes

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QR codes are a simple and effective way to engage your customers. Although QR codes were introduced in Japan in 1994 by Denso Wave, they did not become popular in the United States until the 2010s. Smartphones no longer need a separate QR code reader or QR code scanner app to use them; all you need to do is use your phone camera. 

Creating the right content for each QR code takes time and effort. Businesses can learn how to create free QR codes for their QR code marketing campaigns and what they need to create them. 

How to Create a QR Code: Tips for Success

If you’re looking to create a QR code for your business, here are some of the best ways to get started. 

Find a QR code maker 

QR codes are free and easy to make with a QR code maker free. A Shopify code generator to create QR Codes eliminates the need for prior coding knowledge. You can then download the generated QR code as an image file to use for your marketing. 

IndoorMedia customers will get a QR Code with redirector with any of our advertising products!

Figure out the type of QR code

Not all QR codes are the same; the type of QR you should incorporate into your marketing plan depends on the style of advertising campaign you’re running. 

Static QR codes: These QR codes have fixed information like your business contact details. They are useful in one-time, special marketing campaigns. Static QR codes do not allow editing, and you cannot track customer data, such as the number of scans by customers. 

Dynamic QR codes: You can update dynamic QR codes with your changing offerings and ongoing promotions. The scan statistics from these codes can help you analyze your customers and understand them better. 

IndoorMedia QR Codes include a Redirector so that you can always change the destination, and we track the number of times your QR code has been scanned.

Design the QR code with colors

A QR Code isn’t just black and white anymore. Using the QR code generator, you can customize your QR code with colors matching your business branding color scheme. This tactic can help you improve your brand recognition and customer awareness. 

Add your company logo

QR codes with logos of your company can help promote your brand. You can also add a familiar logo to the QR code to visually communicate to customers where to take action. For example, if you want your customers to review your store on Yelp, you can add a Yelp logo to the QR code. 

Ensure your QR code is scannable 

Be sure your QR code is the right size for all your printed marketing materials so people can see them properly. Use a high-resolution image for QR codes on your website or email. Low-resolution images that are large or small may be hard to scan and may not render correctly on a customer’s cellphone.

Write a call to action to be enticing 

Include an engaging, useful call to action in your QR Code to influence customers to take action. For example, “Visit us” isn’t an exciting call to action, but “scan and receive a free gift with your purchase” provides a benefit for the customer.

Test your QR code

If you’re offering a seasonal deal or want to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar store, make sure the QR code works. Test it to ensure the resulting web link appears on all smartphones after scanning the code.

10 Ways QR Codes Can Help Your Business

The QR code is an excellent marketing tool, whether it’s for a special campaign or as part of your general marketing efforts. There are many ways to use them in your marketing, depending on your business and industry.

1. Direct mail 

Use a QR code in your flyers and postcards to direct customers to the carryout ordering section of your website. Mailers can also feature QR codes for coupons. Customers can scan a QR code in one step instead of typing the code in an online purchase.

2. Product labels and boxes

You can add QR codes to your products’ labels and boxes. QR codes can contain additional information about your products, such as instruction manuals and product warranties. They can also include CTAs to subscribe to your email list for exclusive deals and coupons. 

3. Business cards

Customers can scan QR codes on business cards to access your website, social media, and more. You can include your business contact details on QR codes, such as your phone number so that when a smartphone scans the code, the number is called.

4. Healthcare forms

Healthcare practitioners can use QR codes to have customers fill out contactless forms, retrieve prescriptions, and access their personal information. Visitors can scan QR codes at the clinic to complete the form and fill out the required information.

5. Emails

Using QR codes in email campaigns can make your email subscribers more likely to participate in special promotions. When customers scan the QR code in your emails, they can access exclusive deals and coupons. 

6. Event promotions

You can place QR codes on printed flyers, postcards, and emails to promote your event. In addition, they can direct customers to your event ticket page for purchase. Also, QR codes allow organizers to track the number of respondents and the actual traffic during the event. 

7. Checkout Counter

At the grocery store checkout counter, customers can use a QR code to make quick and seamless cash payments for their groceries. Grocery stores can help customers save even more money when the QR codes direct them to exclusive in-store coupons and deals. 

8. Customer loyalty memberships

Using QR Codes with incentives and freebies can help small businesses boost their loyalty programs. You can establish a loyal customer base by giving out samples and offering member-only discounts.

9. Billboards

If your business has recently opened, you can help customers find it by linking QR codes to your Google maps position on highly visible billboards. QR Codes can increase in-store traffic by placing them on busy roads or in heavily populated areas so people can scan them while waiting.

10. Receipts

Your business should take consumer feedback into account when you are just starting. Including customer feedback surveys with QR codes on receipts can give you valuable ideas for improving your customer service. 

Use QR Codes to Get Started

You can use a QR code in a lot of ways. The key is finding the right way to use it in your marketing strategy and targeting the appropriate audience. You may find that your customers will like it when you use technology to share information.

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