With the PPP Federal Stimulus Running Out of Money in Under 2 Weeks 1 Small Business Is Stepping Up to Help Others

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Like thousands of small businesses, IndoorMedia received a notification that the Payment Protection Program ran out of money. Money that was greatly needed to keep hundreds of employees at work at the Houston based advertising company. With 31 years’ experience recommending businesses to shoppers in the local grocery store, IndoorMedia’s register tape division, RTUI, has been through multiple downturns. With the knowledge of what it takes to weather the storm they have now decided to help other small businesses that need it most.


The ‘We Are All in This Together' program is designed to ease the pain of the challenges presented by COVID-19. The program helps businesses regain their foot traffic as soon as possible while assisting with their cash flow issues. Share on X


CEO Doug Endsley explains, “The old adage states; in good times you advertise because you want to and in bad times because you have to. There is 100 years of compelling data that shows the great importance of advertising in a downturn. Also, we know that businesses are hurting like we are. As we start to rebuild our local economies those small businesses and the jobs they provide will be the lifeblood. Like every downturn, people will be desperate to save money on goods and services. Also, business owners must find ways to build their customer base while supporting the community. RTUI connects the two by having a full-color, customized ad printed on the back of every receipt. These advertisements are handed to every shopper BY LAW. Daily, thousands of local individuals and families will receive messages of hope and savings when they need it most. This increases market share and drives sales directly back to the featured businesses when less people are spending.”


CEO Endsley further states “Everyone is more aware than ever that the grocery store is the center of the community. The average store does over 18,000 transactions every week and the average family is in that grocery store 2.2 times per week. It is because of that reach and repetition that RTUI delivers the results that will make the difference in these tough times. Businesses in our top categories typically receive better than a 6 to 1 return on investment. The ‘We Are All in This Together’ campaign will help thousands of business owners not only survive but thrive.”


All interested businesses should contact Indoormedia immediately. Campaigns in some areas are starting as early as May.


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IndoorMedia offers a full-suite of profitable, proven advertising solutions for small businesses. Located in Houston, TX, IndoorMedia has been family owned-and-operated for over 30 years, and is the nation’s largest provider of receipt tape advertising.  Our nationwide ‘We Are All in This Together’ program includes 9,500 of the nation’s largest grocers.


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