What is Register Tape Advertising? How Can it Help My Restaurant?

You’ve been to the grocery store, right? And every single time you check out you get a receipt. So how does that increase profits for your restaurant? Have you ever flipped it over and looked at the back? We bet you have, and if you’re like most people, you’ve even clipped a coupon or two from that grocery store receipt.

Coupon receipt advertising is a low-cost and well-proven advertising method. Let’s see what it can do for your restaurant!

How Does Coupon Receipt Advertising Grow Your Restaurant Business?

1. Increase profits

Everyone asks, “Does grocery store receipt advertising really work?” The answer is a resounding, YES! It’s proven over and over, by businesses around the country, to bring in more customers and add profit to your restaurant. Because coupons are highly trackable (you have physical proof of each redemption), you can measure the return on investment (ROI) and prove how well it’s working for you.


Watch a short video of a Pizza restaurant in Washington that saw great results.



Interested in how grocery store coupon advertising can work for your restaurant? Learn more.

2. Tons of exposure

Literally, thousands of people go to the grocery store every week. With your coupon on the grocery store receipt, you are in the hands of thousands of potential customers every single week who are interested in saving money and getting a good deal. 64% of Americans stated that they use coupons frequently at restaurants and brick and mortar stores.

3. People shop at grocery stores a lot. So they see your coupon, a lot.

We’ve all heard that it takes repetition to make someone change their behavior (not at all surprising if you’re a parent). The same is true with advertising.

Luckily, coupon receipt ads have a lot of it. The average person goes shopping 1-2 times a week. This means that every month, the typical household receives a grocery store receipt 4-8 times. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your coupon was in everyone’s hand each time they headed home?

Receipt advertising is more effective than other forms of advertising because it gets your ad directly in the hands of your customers. The repetition of the ad increases the probability of a customer visiting your restaurant and redeeming the coupon. With many reoccurrences, your restaurant gets a better chance of hitting the target.

4. Super-local… for the locals

And because the ice cream is going to melt if you shop too far from home, these are the people in your immediate area. Receipt tape advertising at the supermarket is one of the best ways to target the people who live and shop directly around your restaurant. A consistent presence at your grocery store reaches people who are new to the neighborhood or just don’t get out much. The incentive of the coupon offer makes them more willing to give you a try.

Plus, previous customers will be easily convinced to return to your restaurant instead of your competitor’s when they have the extra incentive of a coupon.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Marketing that walks you through creating a marketing strategy to bring in new customers. 

5. You’ll be down with the cost

Receipt tape advertising gives you a huge number of impressions at a very low cost. You’ll get good results from the grocery store receipt ads and you don’t have to break the bank to do it! Compare this to traditional advertising on TV or in newspapers, or even the cost of digital Google Pay Per Click ads which can get really expensive, really fast. The low cost per impression of receipt ads makes it that much easier to get a return on your investment.

6. Digital version broadens the reach

Grocery store receipt coupons work for your restaurant around the clock, all year long. Still, for all the moms and dads who will see your coupon on the receipt, there will be that one person whose eyeballs are glued to their phone. Expanding your coupons to a digital format gives that extra punch of repetition that may finally grab their attention.

Plus, who doesn’t like sharing a great deal? When coupons are digital, it’s easy to share it with family and friends. The exposure creates buzz around your restaurant and makes others wonder what they’re missing.

Find out how to get your restaurant’s coupon at the grocery store and online by contacting our team today!

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