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Why Shopping Cart Advertising at IndoorMedia Works

What to expect with IndoorMedia:

  • Low cost
  • Easy setup
  • Highly  experienced support
  • Proven ad templates provided
  • Highly targeted & repetitive
  • High impressions
  • High ROI

Featured Industries

Brand Recognition Advertising is Proven to Work for:

Building Brand Loyalty

When you are the face of your business, choosing the right advertising is crucial. Your reputation is at stake if your advertising isn’t executed with professionalism and class.

Cartvertising at IndoorMedia

Program Highlights

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Everybody Eats, Everybody Shops

Did you know that 20,000 shoppers go to the grocery store every week? That’s 20,000 prospective customers staring at your brand while they shop. Be the go-to business in the one place everybody in your neighborhood goes multiple times each week!

Name Recognition and Trust

Familiarity builds trust. Call it name recognition, local celebrity status, or just good marketing. Your prospects will know that they are choosing a trusted, long-standing community member and not a fly-by-night organization with shopping cart advertising.

Be Seen

While people might not go through their mail, open a newspaper, or click on a web ad, they will definitely look at their grocery cart while shopping. That is why Cartvertising is such a powerful tool; you can’t NOT see it!

Targeting, Exposure, and Repetition

Shopping cart advertising provides localized exposure, targeting your potential customers repeatedly. Your message will cut through the noise of the competition. It’s not only simple, it’s also proven to work because we deliver your message to the right prospects, who actually read the ad, and see it at the right time.

Brand Your Business in 3 Easy Steps


Location Targeting

Your small business primarily serves in and around your community. Make the most of your advertising budget by ensuring your ads are targeting your most likely customers with grocery store marketing from IndoorMedia. Place your ad in the grocery stores with shopping cart advertisements that reach potential customers within a few miles from your primary service location. Every dollar spent on cartvertising reaches a prospect who actually lives close enough to buy.


Obvious Message

What is the one thing you want your prospects to know after reading your ad? Maybe it’s that your real estate agency was born and bred in the town you’re serving. Or maybe your healthcare office features short wait times.  Share one obvious message with your prospects to establish credibility, build trust, and lead them to take action when they need your service.


Persistent Exposure

Repetition is key to remembering anything, and a shopping cart advertising campaign does just that! By being visible in your community over time, you will be recognizable. People will feel like they know you already. An annual Cartvertising program allows you to “speak” to your customers 1-2 times every week, creating the repeated exposure you need.

Be On Your Way to Celebrity Status

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Request to speak with a local grocery store Marketing Consultant to get a free evaluation of your business for a shopping cart advertising campaign. They’ll make sure we have availability (some markets have waiting lists!) and that your business is a good fit for Cartvertising.

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