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Become a Local Celebrity

Be seen in all the hottest places in your neighborhood. Be seen where the gossip happens. Be at the forefront and the back of everyone's mind whenever they think about a purchase. With Cartvertising, you'll get more exposure with more people for a longer period of time than any other advertising medium. Cartvertising offers EXCLUSIVITY for your category of business in the one place EVERYBODY in the neighborhood goes multiple times each week.

Subliminal... Understated... Effective... POWERFUL

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Everybody Eats, Everybody Shops

Be the go-to business in the one place everybody in your neighborhood goes multiple times each week.

Unique, subliminal, understated and POWERFUL!

Be Seen

While people might not go through their mail, may not open the paper, and may not click on a web ad, when they grocery shop they have to look at their cart. That is why Cartvertising™ is such a powerful tool in your advertising portfolio.

Name Recognition and Trust

Familiarity builds trust*. Call it name recognition, local celebrity, good marketing, or whatever, for certain businesses, your prospects need to know that they are working with a reliable, solid firm, not a fly-by-night organization.

Targeting, Exposure, and Repetition

Advertising is pervasive, and for the small business it can be difficult to cut through the noise and deliver a message with the right fidelity. To do so, you need a medium that delivers to the right prospects, who actually read the ad, and see it when they need it.

Why Supermarket Advertising?

Supermarkets have an average of 20,000 visitors each week who spend 47 minutes each visit pushing their cart around the store. Imagine the impact your ad can have by being literally inches away from your prospect's fingers.

Is it Cost Effective?

The equation for profit has two components: cost and revenue. Not only do we work hard to maximize your revenue, as the leader in the industry, we minimize your costs. With one of the lowest CPMs in advertising, our program gives you a leg up on ROI.

Get Started

Successful branding for small businesses is...

  • Recognizing you on the street
  • Knowing what you do and who you do it for
  • Appreciating the value you provide
  • Communicating that value to others (read referrals)


Components of Branding

To get your message out there, you need to address 3 primary components:

Compelling Message- Brands tap into emotions for the reader. Coke is refreshing, Nike is empowering, and Apple is about snobbing. For small businesses, these lofty feelings may be a little too ephemeral for your market. Instead, you want to focus on credibility, recognition, and leadership.

Persistent Exposure- How many times do you have to tell your child, "no." While your customers certainly aren't children, it is only over time that you can establish a relationship with them through advertising.

Targeting- Huge conglomerates can cast a very wide net and sow their brand seeds wherever they may fall. Coke is literally the most popular drink in the universe. As a small business, you can't afford that luxury. You have to make the most of your advertising budget by targeting your audience thoughtfully.

Grocery Store Advertising is...

  • Placed 8 inches from a prospect every time they reach into their shopping cart!
  • Viewed by 20,000 unique people every week!
  • Visible for an average of 47 minutes every visit!
  • Targeted to a 4 mile radius from the grocery store!
Storage DIR

Availability is limited.

To maximize returns for our customers, Cartvertising offers exclusivity on stores by category of business. Also, once a customer, you have first right of refusal to renew your ad. This leads some markets to have waiting lists for advertising space.

The only thing between you and your next customer is a Cartvertising ad.

I have been advertising on the baskets at our local grocery stores since 1988 and my customers tell me often that they have been "shopping with me." It is a consistent way to establish your brand and add top of mind awareness with your customers. Our community is reminded weekly that I am the real estate lady.


Joy Brandt

ReMax Alliance

My patients comment on the fact that they see me everywhere, "Oh That's My Dentist" or they take a picture of the cart and they post it on Facebook and tag me on it. Cartvertising is where you get the most exposure for your business to the most people for the longest amount of time for the least amount of money!


Dunia Korous

Millenium Smiles

As an insurance agent, Cartvertising has been a good experience for me. I have tried different methods of marketing like cold calling, mass mailing, leads and mass emails. Cartvertising helped increase my exposure within the community by posting my name, my face and what I do. With the ad on the shopping carts people I don't even know stop and say "Hi" to ask me if I'm the guy on the shopping cart ad.


Jose Adrian Casas

Casas Insurance Agency


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