Build Recognition and Trust 

For many businesses, being visible during the steps prior to a potential customer's actual purchase descision is the only way to stay top of mind. For example, if you are looking for a realtor, are you likely to choose someone you just met or someone you know and trust?

When it comes to professionals and service providers, consistent and repetitive branding is the key to buidling familiarity with your prosepctive customers. This type of exposure advertising builds trust by being in front of your customers for a long-period of time so that, when they are ready to buy, they think of you first. 

Cartvertising does exactly that by being in front of your most-likely customer for almost an hour every single week. This unparalleled exposure combined with consistent repetition, is sure to make you a trusted, local business. 


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It's So Simple To Start Advertising

Identify Your Target Area

90% of your customers live within 3 miles of your location. We target the one place they all go to, the grocery store.

Create Your Ad

Our Graphics Department puts your brand and a compelling message together to create an ad that brings you customers.

Launch Your Campaign

Within a few weeks, your ads are running day and night in front of your most relevant audience.

Start Advertising Now
A Targeted Local Business Directory
Finding Your Customers
Shoppers tend to patronize the grocery store closest to where they live and work. Because of this, Cartvertising targets your most likely customer by selecting the grocery store within 3-5 miles of their neighborhood. We can also target consumers through an array of demographic information, so that your advertising message always reaches your target audience. 
Exclusivity and Prestige
Grocery stores are very particular about who can advertise in their locations. For our customers, this presents an opportunity to be associated with well-known local and national grocery store brands. Grocery shoppers will see your business as featured by the grocery store, and use this implied recommendation as a way to determine the local businesses they use. 

Customer Testimonial

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your unparalleled level of service and your attention to detail to our Cartvertising account. From ensuring we are pleased with our graphics and installation to presenting us with opportunities to expand our brand into other stores, you never seem to miss a beat. Furthermore, I believe that Cartvertising has assisted in amplifying my exposure within my community. Without fail I hear from previous, present, and future clients that they have seen my ads on the shopping carts. I am very pleased with your customer service and the brand recognition Cartvertising offers my business.

Rich Cazneaux Keller Williams

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The Cartvertising Difference
Unparalleled Repetition
Every trip a potential customer takes to the grocery store results in another opportunity to cement your brand in their mind. With an average of 1.7 visits to the store by the primary shopper, your message will be reinforced over 80 times throughout the year. 
Getting Started is Simple
The Cartvertising program is designed to be easy to start, implement, and manage. From store selection to ad creation, your Marketing Consultant will guide you through maximizing the program to ensure it fits your business needs. 
The Power of Forced Exposure
Grocery shoppers keep their cart with them throughout their entire shopping experience. This means your ad is inches from their fingertips for an average of 43 minutes every visit. This type of forced exposure allows your business to make a lasting impression. 
Video Testimonials
Remax Realty West - Mike Roller
"Cartvertising is prolly the best return on our money that we've ever done." . . . "That gives us a high exposure to a large number of potential prospects."
State Farm Insurance - Chris Mallett
"I've been on Cartvertising for 7 years now. It's been a great addition to our marketing program."
More Examples of Success
Realtor - Marta Mohan
"I've done Cartvertising for maybe 12 years and I found that it branded me in the neighborhoods that I wanted to be branded in."

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