Increase Your Reach with Digital Boost

Digital Boost pairs online banner ads with your in-store advertising to speed up and increase impressions and performance.

Go Where Your Customers Go and Stay Top of Mind

The Average Internet User Spends Nearly 7 Hours Online Every Day! Surprisingly, the majority of this digital time is not spent on social media platforms. Therefore, banner ads present a highly cost-effective advertising strategy, allowing businesses to reach a vast pool of potential customers at a relatively low cost compared to other advertising approaches.
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How Digital Boost Works

  • We focus on the center of the community, the grocery store. On a map drop a pin on your grocery store and draw a circle radius around it.
  • When a customers enters this area around the grocery store gps technology captures the id of their mobile device. From that point on when they view a website or an app on their phone, your ads start to display and will continue to display throughout the duration of your campaign.
  • This means that nearly 7,000 – 20,000 targeted customers (depending on your plan) will see your online ad 3+ times every month.
  • Our goal is to build an exceptionally qualified audience for your business by implementing multiple layers of targeting. These include demographic factors like age and gender, as well as search intent and specific interests that we have determined to be highly effective for your business type.


Boost Your Growth Curve

The rule of seven in marketing states that brands that engage with a customer seven times are more likely to earn the trust and business of that customer.


Digital Boost boots the growth curve of your advertising so that it builds momentum faster, and you start seeing results sooner!

Original Image No DigitalBoost
Modified Image With DigitalBoost

Monthly Automated Reporting

We offer a convenient monthly reporting system, which is automated and delivered via email. The reports will provide you with comprehensive data on your impression count, categorized by day, age group, gender, and device.

Digital Boost Ad Examples

Effective advertising hinges on correct targeting and a strong offer. Leveraging our extensive 30+ years of experience, we have amassed a wealth of valuable data on effective offers tailored to each specific business type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Boost is a form of Display or Banner ad which is a type of online advertising that uses images, graphics, or animations to convey a message or promote a product or service. These ads are placed on websites that are frequented by your target audience.
IndoorMedia selects demographics, interests, and geographic location that suits your business to best target your customers.

No, but we do eliminate inappropriate sites, such as those containing explicit content. Moreover, your ads have the potential to appear on over 2 million websites and apps. Consequently, the specific websites where each customer encounters the ads will vary. Some customers may engage with gaming platforms, while others frequent news sites or sports-related webpages. There are also niche websites and apps that cater to unique interests. The focus should be on reaching your customers wherever they may be. Each customer’s journey is different, and it’s important to be present where your target audience goes.

Not at this time. The purpose of the ad is to support their brand and be an “impression count” toward the 7-8 impressions it takes for someone to use the coupon. That means that there isn’t as much urgency on showing the ad only during business hours. We do apply additional sets of targeting to each vertical that can include age, gender, interest, intent, etc.

There is a chance your ad will show up if you shop at your target grocery store. Unfortunately, since we don’t cover every single visitor, there is no guaranteed way to view your ad on a website or app. However, we will send you an image of how the ad appears online.

Yes. However, because your campaign will need to be more customized to be successful there is an upcharge when sold as a stand alone campaign. This is to cover our consulting time as we  monitor not only the placement of the ad, but also the performance of it. 


If we are not able to place a print ad on a store because it is full, we will provide this service at the regular rate.

As part of our digital boost campaign, we usually create multiple ads for you. We understand that circumstances may change during your campaign, and therefore we offer ad edits every quarter to allow you to update any offers that are outdated or not performing well. If you feel that your ads need adjustments, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team.

We link your customers to your IndoorMedia coupon page, which showcases your Register Tape ad, location, and contact details. In case you have a Cartvertising ad, we will direct them to your spotlight page on IndoorMedia that displays your location and contact information.

We link your ads to your IndoorMedia page because they are optimized for mobile and have proper tracking installed. If we link your ads to your website you will be responsible for ensuring that your website is mobile responsive and that you have proper tracking setup.

The primary objective of Digital Boost is to accelerate the growth curve of new in-store ads or boost the performance of renewing ads. Additionally, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your online display banner ads by tracking essential metrics like impressions, clicks, click-through rates (CTR), conversions, and return on investment (ROI).

You can request to receive a monthly impression report.

Generally speaking, Digital Boost SHOULD be tied to a print campaign and should have the same start and end dates. In this case, the same timelines can apply. If the Digital Boost is being sold on an existing print ad or stand alone, we require about 1 week to if there is already an ad in place, or about 2 weeks if the ad is from scratch.

Your ads will appear on websites and apps that your customers visit, ranging from major news and sports sites to smaller local forums and blogs. Our platform locates websites that your target audience frequently visits and places your ads on those websites.