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Why Your Dry Cleaning Business Needs Marketing

Laundry and dry cleaning services are crucial to the community. However, running a drycleaning business can prove challenging because customers are very loyal, the business is recession-proof, and it has great margins. As such, startups should adopt modern innovative marketing strategies to stand out from the competition.

Marketing a drycleaning business is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Increase customers –like any other business, drycleaning business owners should market their business primarily to increase customers or foot traffic. A good marketing strategy has a direct influence on the business traffic flow. An effective marketing strategy increases the number of customers and boosts revenue and profitability.
  • Improve business recognition – a good marketing strategy also improves recognition and customer awareness. Customers will easily remember the dry cleaning business whenever they need laundry services.
  • Builds customer trust – marketing can help build customer trust in many ways. Marketing strategies, such as using user-generated reviews, can convince prospects about the quality of services offered.
  • To improve company reputation – all businesses should work on improving their public reputation. A good reputation attracts new customers and increases customer loyalty. To achieve this, dry cleaning businesses can include their mission, values, work ethic policies, and business objectives in their promotional materials. Customers avoid engaging with businesses that have negative public perception.
  • Helps learn the marketplace – businesses also learn more about the marketplace during the marketing process. It is important for businesses to learn about their customers and the marketplace. Learning the marketplace helps businesses identify opportunities and tweak their business model and customer trends.

Tried and tested tactics for dry cleaning marketing

Standing out among other laundry service providers isn’t an easy task. However, with an innovative marketing plan and the right strategies, drycleaning business owners can convince prospects their services are what they need. Below are proven drycleaning marketing strategies.

A. Advertise drycleaning services with Google Ads

Most modern customers rely on the Internet, specifically Google, to find products and services near them. Google has over 8 billion daily searches. With stiff competition, drycleaning businesses looking to increase publicity should work on ensuring their business appears within the first Google search results. However, Google is very popular, and bringing a laundry business on first-page results can prove challenging.

Because of the high competition in the organic section (non-paid results that appear naturally on Google), dry cleaning businesses should market their laundry services using Google Ads. Google ads will position the business among the first search engine results. Marketing the business using Google Ads helps businesses achieve more visibility without spending too much.

Businesses also have more control over this marketing strategy than other advertising forms, as they can direct ads to local or specific target audiences. This means businesses can change ad locations to their local area with potential customers. That said, the type of ad used affects Google Ads results. Text ads are more effective for dry cleaning businesses.

B. Attract more customers through email marketing

Email marketing is still an effective way of generating profits, and drycleaning business owners should use this strategy. Even with advanced communication options, emails remain an effective way of communicating with customers. However, businesses should approach email marketing with caution.

Creating a monthly newsletter and sending it to the wrong audience won’t help. The success of an email marketing strategy heavily lies in the email list. Laundry services can use email marketing to:

  • Offer incentives – laundry service providers can keep their customers hooked by offering incentives in-store and in their weekly newsletters. Offering coupons and discounts in a newsletter in exchange for a customer’s email address is a good strategy.
  • Create quality content – providing too much content with little substance is a common mistake marketers make. Laundry businesses should send educational newsletters or include promotional offers and other opportunities for their customers.
  • Offer a referral program – laundry businesses can benefit immensely from referrals and recommendations. More than two-thirds of customers take action because of another person’s recommendation. Therefore, instead of waiting for customers to recommend their services, businesses should entice them with a referral program.

C. Build an engaging website

The success of all digital marketing strategies heavily depends on the business website. For instance, customers who come across drycleaning services on Facebook or other social media platforms always follow the website link to learn more about the services offered. Therefore, a website is at the heart of all digital marketing campaigns, and businesses should ensure their sites give customers a positive first impression.

The best way to kickstart online marketing for a dry cleaning business is to develop a clean and modern website. The website should reflect the business, ranging from color choice to fonts and other stylistic elements. Other things that determine website effectiveness include:

  • An easy-to-use navigation bar – the navigation bar should make it easy for site visitors to find different pages.
  • Load time – the site should load quickly. Website visitors hate websites that take minutes to load pages. A fast load time improves user experience.
  • Make the site mobile-friendly – unlike before, many people use their smartphones and iPad to search for products and services. Therefore, laundry businesses should ensure their website looks good on mobile. Websites with responsive designs can adapt to all devices and deliver the optimal user experience.

D. Claim your business on Google Business Profile listings

Drycleaning businesses should optimize their business for local search presence. Claiming the business on a Google Business Profile listing is a good way of attracting local leads. Most people search for laundry services within their locality. Therefore, laundry businesses could miss prime opportunities if they don’t optimize their business for local search results.

Google Business Profile helps businesses attract more local leads. This feature provides priority suggestions to anyone looking for local searches.  Businesses should start by claiming their business on the Google Business Profile listing. They should then verify the business name, contact information, and address.

Optimizing Google Business Profile listing also requires businesses to list:

  • An email address
  • Operation hours
  • Clear photos of the business and employees
  • Short description of the business
  • Business Category

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