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Local Market Disruption

Uber revolutionized the Taxi industry. eBay has dominated the “new to me” market. IndoorMedia is transforming a traditional market to make it Unconventional. By leveraging technology and expanding our market to a national scale, IndoorMedia provides unprecedented access to this unique medium.


Hyper-Local Targeting

Since grocery stores draw in customers from such a small distance from their location, you can target your audience better than zip codes or even geofencing. The type of store also allows you to target other demographics as well.

Crazy Repetition

People don't have to read the paper, they don't have to use Facebook, but they do need to go to the grocery store. Statistically, they visit 1.7 times each week. Further, 32 million Americans are shopping on any given day which means 1 out of every 7 people could be seeing your ad each day!

Unavoidable but Unobtrusive

How great are those ads that popup on the screen you're reading! Am-i-rite? Grocery store advertising is a natural part of the shopping experience, by placing the ad just inches from the shopper's finger on their cart, or having the ad naturally placed in their hands as a receipt, grocery store advertising is always there, but never annoying.

Beautiful Imagery

Today, IndoorMedia™ prints enough receipt tape to circle the earth over 90 times. That kind of volume has allowed us to invest millions in printer technology to ensure that your ad looks its best. Full four color processing and specialized UV ink means that your photo-quality ad doesn’t smudge and truly reflects the quality of your business.


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