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When you are the face of your business, choosing the right advertising is crucial. Your reputation is at stake if your advertising isn’t executed with professionalism and class.

What is GroceryMate?

Branded grocery store divider sticks located at checkout lanes in supermarkets nationwide.

Features 1 exclusive advertiser per store, in full color.

GroceryMate grocery store divider advertising is foundational advertising. When it’s added to your marketing arsenal, it makes all your other advertising more effective.
Brands spend millions to attract the attention of shoppers to their products for only 2-5 seconds. GroceryMate targets these very same shoppers for a whole 2-5 minutes at a fraction of the cost.
GroceryMate gets your brand featured in the most valuable and profitable section of the grocery store – the checkout lane.
grocery mate product indoor media

Program Highlights

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Everybody Eats and Shops

Did you know that an average of 20,000 people visit the supermarket every week? You can target the right people in the right place by advertising in supermarkets with grocery store dividers. GroceryMate features only one advertiser per store, so you can be the go-to business in the one place everybody in your neighborhood goes multiple times each week!

Exclusive Name Recognition

GroceryMate builds name recognition by exclusively featuring your brand so you can become the best known in your neighborhood. Once you advertise with GroceryMate, you’ll get first right of renewal and right of expansion keeping your brand in front of prospects with grocery store divider advertisements year after year – stealing market share while chipping away at the competition.

Guaranteed To Be Seen

Grocery store divider advertising places your name and message in front of a targeted audience for 2-5 minutes, and they see your ad an average of 10x per month. GroceryMate advertising provides effective exposure and guaranteed 100% viewership because it can’t be thrown in the garbage or skipped over during commercial breaks. Your new and current customers have no choice but to see YOU! 

Targeting, Exposure, and Repetition

Research shows that a person has to see an ad 7x just to remember it. GroceryMate gets your ad noticed faster and remembered longer by providing localized exposure, targeting your potential customers repeatedly. GroceryMate allows people to continuously see your name and message making your advertising more effective and harder to forget.

Brand Your Business In 3 Easy Steps​


Location Targeting

Your small business primarily serves in and around your community. Make the most of your advertising budget by ensuring your ads are targeting your most likely customers. Place your ad in the grocery stores within a few miles from your primary service location with a grocery store divider advertising campaign. Every dollar spent reaches a prospect who actually lives close enough to buy.


Obvious Message

What is the one thing you want your prospects to know after reading your ad? Maybe it’s that your real estate agency was born and bred in the town you’re serving. Or maybe your healthcare office features short wait times.  By advertising in supermarkets you can share one obvious message with your prospects to establish credibility, build trust, and lead them to take action when they need your service.


Persistent Exposure

Repetition is key to remembering anything! By being visible in your community over time, you will be recognizable. People will feel like they know you already. An annual GroceryMate program allows you to “speak” to your customers, creating the repeated exposure you need.

Be On Your Way to Celebrity Status

grocery mate product indoor media

Request a quote and our Marketing Consultants will do a free evaluation of your business to make sure we have availability for your grocery store divider advertising campaign (some markets have waiting lists!) and to be sure your business is a good fit for GroceryMate.

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