Don't be left out of the path to purchase.

How do you get shoppers to choose you over the competition? By being in front of them exactly when they're ready to make a purchase. Of course, this is easier said than done. When you're running a large regional or national business you could be targeting hundreds of thousands of consumers, each one in a different location with different brand preferences and buying habits. However, it's not impossible. 

Our in-store grocery receipt advertising program:

  1. Reaches an average of 20,000 shoppers per grocery store, per week 
  2. Is seen by each shopper 2-3 times in one week 
  3. Is put directly into shoppers' hands after a purchase 

By placing your brand message on our in-store advertising vehicle, you can reach a diverse group of consumers and get targeted, measurable results. 


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It's So Simple To Start Advertising

Identify Your Target Area

90% of your customers live within 3 miles of your location. We target the one place they all go to, the grocery store.

Create Your Ad

Our Graphics Department puts your brand and a compelling message together to create an ad that brings you customers.

Launch Your Campaign

Within a few weeks, your ads are running day and night in front of your most relevant audience.

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Leverage Our In-Store Network
Regional Advertising
Distributing a consistent advertising message to a large city or region doesn't have to be expensive. By targeting the grocery stores in the local areas where your prospective customers shop, you are sure to spend your money reaching a high volume of qualified consumers. 
National Advertising
Your national brand needs national reach. Leverage our network of 9,400 grocery stores to send out a brand message to the whole country, or segment new product roll outs by specific regions. Our in-store vehicle reaches local consumers during their path to purchase, so that your products will be the ones on their shopping list. 
Three Powerful In-Store Options
receiptCOUPON places your business's coupon directly in the hands of prospective shoppers. Because we target the shopper at checkout, we provide the broadest coupon delivery system in any grocery store. 
Prepare shoppers for their next purchase by using receiptPROMOTION to increase engagement through recipes, rebates, theme promotions, loyalty programs, digital and more. 
Your brand should be seen! Drive awareness using the broad reach of grocery store receipts. With a network of 9,400 stores, your advertising message will be distributed exactly where it matters most.

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