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Receipt Advertising for Big Brands & Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Big Brands Need a Big Network

  • Reach of 50 Million Shoppers Quarterly
  • Deliver over 4 Billion Impressions Annually
  • Quarterly, Annual, and Custom Monthly Programs Available

Our premier network of grocery chains totals nearly 9,500 stores!

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The Real Difference between
National and Regional Advertising

While small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) might benefit from regional advertising, big brands need more. National receipt advertising delivers the visibility, reach, and brand recognition that you need. At IndoorMedia, our services can be tailored to fit the needs of national and international brands, delivering outstanding value and all the traction necessary to reach consumers while they’re shopping in regional and local businesses.

The ultimate difference between regional and national receipt advertising reach goes beyond scope. It’s about understanding the right venues and marketing methods, where your audience can be found in different geographic areas, and how to convey your message to each audience segment. The IndoorMedia team has over 30 years of experience with national advertising and driving sales success for some of the best-known brands in the world. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you build your brand and grow your success.

Why Consider Receipt Advertising?

For most big brands, the idea of “advertising” conjures up pictures of slick magazine advertisements or maybe social media ads. Grocery store and retail store receipts coupon ads probably don’t come to mind, but they should. Why is that?

What’s the one thing that grocery store shoppers hold onto after checking out? The receipt. They look at the prices of the food they purchased to make sure they weren’t overcharged or that they got the 2-for-1 deal they wanted. They save receipts so they can balance their checkbooks, and for many other reasons.

There’s a great deal of value for big brands within those consumer habits. With receipt coupon ad campaigns, your branding and messaging stick around for far longer than with any other marketing method. It’s not just about duration, though.

Receipt coupon ads are highly visible and attention-grabbing. They draw the eye and communicate value in a setting where consumers are already primed to remember your message. There’s also the versatility and flexibility factor. You can use receipt ads to market virtually anything from deals on food and beverages to new services you’re rolling out across the nation.

IndoorMedia can help you make the most of this incredible advertising opportunity.

National Coverage Trumps Regional Advertising

If you’re looking for SCALE and reach, you’re in the right place. Our network of over 9,000 distribution points means that you can reach consumers wherever they shop through our premier network of regional and national grocery retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

By going national first, you’re able to fine-tune your campaigns by region to drive improved results, better brand recognition, and enhanced market share.

Make Advertising Go Further with Hyperlocal Targeting

Launch a national campaign while still tailoring your message to unique markets. From zip code to market to region, customize your message to increase share, especially high CDI and low BDI markets, or even reach Hispanic high indexing stores!

We help you take your national receipt advertising to the granular level and perfectly tailor your messaging for any audience segment imaginable. The IndoorMedia team can provide as much or as little assistance as necessary when it comes to ad creative – use your in-house team or make use of our experienced experts to design eye-catching ads and compelling copy that drives interest and interaction with your audience.

Hands-On Engagement in Retail Establishments

Literally! Your message is placed directly into the hands of grocery shoppers across the nation with receipt coupon ad campaigns. Our tangible medium stays with the consumer as they review their purchase, unload their groceries, or balance their checkbook. That offers incredible visibility and dwell time – something impossible with other advertising methods, whether we’re talking digital advertising, TV advertising, magazine ads, or something else.

A Nielsen-Connected Partner

We’ve joined our national network and distribution capabilities with Nielsen’s powerful data and analytics to deliver stronger services and even better results. This provides marketers with an unparalleled tool to effectively and efficiently reach all types of consumers where they shop, from retail stores to grocery stores.

Shoppers Want More Offers on Receipts

We partnered with InfoScout to ask grocery shoppers about register receipts. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned:

grocery shoppers about register receipts indoor media
  • 95% of consumers save their receipt
  • 88% recall seeing a back-of-the-receipt offer
  • 80% of shoppers are interested in an offer on the back of a receipt
  • 2/3rd’s of shoppers said they would use a receipt offer/coupon because it was easy!
  • Want a copy of the full study? Send us a message.

Source: Back of receipt consumer survey, InfoScout, July 2017; total sample 584; Millennial Sample (18-34) 173; Hispanic Sample 78; scale Definitely Interested to Definitely Not Interested

Three Unique Programs



Incentivize shoppers to purchase your product.
grocery store coupon receipt advertisement for oreos


Engage shoppers with recipes, rebates, and more.
grocery store coupon receipt advertisement for coca cola


Drive awareness and reinforce advertising campaigns.
grocery store coupon receipt advertisement for rubbermaid

Request a Free Marketing Evaluation

advertising for consumer packaged good companies on grocery store receipts

Our Marketing Consultants will do an evaluation of your business to ensure our Register Tapes Unlimited In-Store program is a good fit and that we can deliver an ROI on your investment with our receipt coupon ad campaigns.

IndoorMedia In The News

May 9, 2018: IndoorMedia joins the Nielsen Connected Partner Program

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