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What Products or Services does your business provide?

A-1 Glass & Shower Door Company, founded in 1955, has been serving the Bay Area for over 50 years. We continue to provide high quality products and services for all our customers’ glass needs. Whether you are looking for a simple tabletop, a custom frameless shower door or anything in between, we’re here to help you. A1 Glass & Shower Door Company, a glass shop nearby, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Give us a call today for your free quote.

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Customer Review:


Very responsive and helpful staff, including during help with design, measurement, and installation. I spoke with several other companies before choosing A1. I’m very happy with the finished products of mirrors and custom shower glass for two bathrooms. All of the staff were friendly during the process. Highly recommend!

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Safety is our number one priority so we work with each client to find a design that is both safe and has the look the customer is wanting to achieve.

What extra services do you offer that people might not know about?

We offer shower services on most framed double sliders, fameless pivoting and frameless sliding (single or double.)

A1 Glass & Shower Door Company

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