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What Products or Services does your business provide? offers garage floor coating and garage organizational systems. We specialize in Polyaspartic floor coatings, which are superior in durability and efficiency compared to traditional epoxy solutions. Our organizational systems include overhead storage racks, garage cabinets, and shelving to help maximize space efficiency and organization.

What types of advertising are you currently doing, and what types of advertising have been most successful for you in the past?

Currently, we utilize a combination of online advertising, including SEO, PPC campaigns, and social media marketing.

Are there any certifications, awards, or media recognition that your business has received?

Yes, our business complies with industry standards and holds relevant certifications in flooring and environmental safety. Additionally, we have received local business awards for customer service excellence and innovation in garage solutions. Our founder, Joseph Tsedaka, was recently named the winner of the national 40 under 40 winner for innovation in the service industry.

Explain why a customer should consider your business instead of going to a competitor.

Customers should choose because we provide a superior product with a lifetime warranty at the lowest price guaranteed. Our installation process is quick, typically completed in one day, and our personalized customer service ensures that each client’s needs are meticulously met. Unlike competitors, we offer a seamless online booking and design process, which makes us not only more efficient but also more customer-friendly.

What extra services do you offer that people might not know about?

We focus on one thing only. Garage transformations. Prosper

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