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What Products or Services does your business provide?

Stradling’s Cabinets & Remodeling is a family-owned business that has been locally operated since 1935. The company is currently run by the third and fourth generations of the Stradling family. Stradling’s Cabinets & Remodeling is committed to providing exemplary customer support through high-quality cabinetry and remodeling services.

What types of advertising are you currently doing, and what types of advertising have been most successful for you in the past?

We do a little bit with google adwords but most of our customers come from word of mouth.

What is the story behind your business?

Stradlings is a 4th generation family owned business.

Tell a story about a great customer experience.

Customer Review:


I recently entertained the idea of remodeling my kitchen and both bathrooms. Being new to the remodeling world, I felt a bit out of my depth. That’s when I discovered Stradling’s Cabinets & Remodeling in Gilbert, and I’m so glad I did! Unlike other remodelers I reached out to, Stradling’s responded promptly, a refreshing change since not everyone got back to me.

What really stood out to me was their physical showroom. It’s a game-changer for someone like me who needed to chat in person and explore ideas. The visit to Stradling’s was a highlight; their showroom had a wide array of countertops, cabinet styles, and sample materials to touch and see up close.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting two incredibly helpful ladies, and to my surprise, Jacob Stradling, the owner, also spent time with me. They all listened patiently to my questions, and I never felt rushed or pressured. This was a huge relief and made the experience enjoyable.

The combination of a tangible showroom in Gilbert, the welcoming and expert staff, and the overall positive vibe has made choosing Stradling’s an easy decision for me. If or when I move forward with this project, Stradling’s will be my go to.

Explain why a customer should consider your business instead of going to a competitor.

We work with our customers to create a home they will love. We don’t just replace what they have with a new version but we work with our interior designers to redesign the space to make it better, more useable and more beautiful.

What extra services do you offer that people might not know about?

We employ our own in-house design team to create unique, custom cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, laundry rooms, home theaters, entertainment rooms, closets, and more.

Stradlings Cabinets

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