Super Clean Laundromat

4364 US-130, Suite G, Willingboro, New Jersey 08046
(609) 531-2705 | TBD*

What Products or Services does your business provide?

Wash and Fold Services
– Express few hours ($1.75 per lb) Same day ($1.50 per lb) and next day ($1.25 per lb)
– Live sports and many channels on our three, 75-inch Roku TV’s
– 47 Total Washer’s
– Eight 75-lb XL washers that can fit the whole family’s wash in one go
– Sixteen Large washer’s
– Ten Medium washer’s
– Thirteen Small washer’s
– 44 Total Dryer’s
– Four XL Dryer’s
– Forty Large Dryer’s
– Complimentary drying with every wash
– Three vending machines
– Laundry products (softeners, bleach, detergent, dryer sheets, detergent pods etc)
– Beverages
– Snacks
– Free parking
– Free guest Wifi
– Gender neutral bathroom for customers (has a diaper changing station)

What types of advertising are you currently doing, and what types of advertising have been most successful for you in the past?

In-house marketing with Google Business Page, Apple Maps, Yelp and Facebook Business Page. No paid advertising besides IndoorMedia! 🙂

Are there any certifications, awards, or media recognition that your business has received?

Not yet, I recently acquired the business on March 20th, 2024. We are aiming for awards in the near future!

Tell us about your employees.

We have four employees. One employee Toni has been with Super Clean Laundromat for a year and half (before my acquisition) and she is especially loved by our customers/community!

What is the story behind your business?

I got started in this business due to my Real Estate career. I was acquiring properties, some for investments and some to flip. At one of my locations, my building had common area laundry instead of in-unit laundry. I saw the simplicity of the laundry aspect of the business and the strong demand for it. It sparked my interest in acquiring a laundromat and having it operate at its max potential. I want to serve the community and give them the best laundry experience possible when they step in to my store; this starts with a great team of employees centered on strong customer-service, a “Super Clean” laundromat that is consistently deep cleaned and great machines that are quickly fixed when they inevitably go down. This is my first business outside of my Real Estate career.

Tell a story about a great customer experience.

Generally most of my experiences with customers have been great! Some are still getting adjusted to the new ownership but everyone has been very welcoming when I have had a chance to talk to them. The first experience that comes to mind, is that there is a school teacher who has been visiting our store recently due to her washing machine breaking. She said she enjoys coming to our store due to it cleanliness, friendly staff and the socialization of talking to the other customers and even when her machine gets fixed, still plans on coming to our location. She offered me glasses to look at the solar eclipse which was pretty cool of her. The second experience that happened yesterday, I met an elderly woman who goes by Ms. Stacy. I helped her with her machine. Explained to her that the items she was washing (comforters and pillows) would dry faster in our XL dryer. I helped her carry her laundry to her car. We chatted about her plans for the day to visit her friend after leaving Super Clean. It was a pleasant experience for me and reminds me how this business helps benefit the community.

Explain why a customer should consider your business instead of going to a competitor.

At Super Clean, we understand the value of time, which is why we offer convenient wash and fold services for those in a hurry or looking to reclaim their schedule. Our facility also provides self-service options with numerous washers and dryers, including eight 75 lb washers capable of handling large loads for the whole family. Plus, we offer complimentary drying with every wash. Whether you choose our services or opt for self-service, rest assured, our state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff guarantee top-quality care for your fabrics. Say goodbye to laundry hassles and hello to time saved with Super Clean.

We are also in a great shopping center, right next to ACME, CVS, AT&T, Ritas Water Ice, Nail Salon, Dentist office, Subway, BBQ (there is plenty to do while waiting for the laundry to get done if the customer wants to do multiple things at once)

What extra services do you offer that people might not know about?

Express wash and fold (few hours): $1.75 per lb
– Same day (end of day): $1.50 per lb
– Next day: $1.25 per lb
– Free drying with every wash

Super Clean Laundromat

Business Hours

6 AM to 10 PM Monday – Sunday

– Last wash at 8:30 pm